I was dating a lady who was extremely open as i was not.  She was always making small seductive moves on me just to keep me intrigued and wanting her all the time.  One night her and i were sitting down watching tv and we got a phone call.  Omg it was my ex girlfriend saying she was in town wanted to come see us.  


She arrived and i was instantly standing in between the two most impacting women Ive ever known.  They both knew exactly how to work me and how to drop me to my knees without coming anywhere near me.  THeir words were very unexpected hits to my heartrate.  They apparently had planned this night's events.

We all walked into the room to sit and talk (so i thought lol)   as i walked into the room my girlfriend megan approached me from behind, pressed her tone hard body against me and reached her hands around my waist.  She began subtly kissing my neck and i melted fast backing my body into hers as she roamed her sensual yet dominatingly aggressive hands all over the front of me.  One hand slid over my breasts back and forth and up and down my stomach and sides.  I was so hot and on fire from just her spell over me, my body was tingling from her teasing touch as she moved her hands near my love spot enough for me to feel the warmth from her touch but she wouldnt touch me there at all for hours. 

My ex girlfriend TY (short for tyshawnna) was also a hard body beautiful sexy mentally stimulating dominance over me all she would have to do is kiss me and i was out of commission lol.  She walked around in front of me and leaned in to kiss me and stopped just before reaching my hungry lips craving her kiss so bad.  She in a very stern yet seductive voice and tone let me know right away i was going to be there toy for the evening " You will have your biggest unknown fantasy come true tonight i promise you that. we are going to own you all night long "   omg i about fainted at the thought of one of them let alone both of them.  Im dead serious no woman alive could have ever done to me what each one of them could do alone just with their words.  I never knew about the sensual pleasure mind control torment aspect of sex i was seriously mindblown. 

Megan started guiding me to the bed as TY actually made contact to kiss me i was so in shock it was like i was having an out of body experience watching the affect these two had over me.  I was layed on the bed and told to stay there.  They left the room for about ten minutes i got up to go see what they were doing before i could get to the door TY  Came around the corner grabbed me threw my *** down on the bed and said " I told you to stay there and i suggest you do what i say "....i was stunned and somehow mentally frozen by her stare.   She started walking towards me very anticipatingly i knew i was done now. 

She approached me started kissing me very intensely i was squirming under her my hands were tingling and my body was yearning for more.  Her hand reached up my shirt started toying with my nipples so gently and teasing the **** out of me i squirmed more and more and her hand then slid down my stomach to my pants she unbuttoned my pants and slid her hand down inside and grab my ***** and just stopped as i screamed in exstacy from just the quick touch of her hand in a place ive been teased around all night.  She sits me up takes off my shirt and stands me up bends down on her knees and slides my pants down.  Lookiing up at me with desire she spreads my legs to her comfort leans up and licks my **** just as a quick approach and again holds her tongue there with no movement i dropped on the bed, paralyzed.  

She begins playing with my ***** and making me squirm both in her hands and her mouth omg im dying of pleasure and mental stimulated mind control under her spell over me.  She begins to let up licking and starts ************* my hot craving ***** saying " you know you like this feels so damn good im going to **** you up all night long "  just as she finishes that statement another shock hits me abrubtly

Megan comes to me and has a robe on walks up drops her robe omg her body is so beautiful and standing rigth in front of me before i could see anything lower on her TY jumps up and sits on my face and proceeds to say " lick my ***** lick it good you better do it right im going to make you do it till i ***"  I was so mindfucked by her and hypnotized by her looks, stare, tone and her body over me.  I was straight dominated on every level. 

The next thing i feel is something enter my ***** and just start thrusting through me i scream with pleasure and TY moves to the side of me and starts kissing me i look up and melt instantly as megan is ******* me with a strap on (( my first time ))   the feeling of TY kissing me and running her hands all over me and megan ******* me and having her hands bracing my hips and waist pulling me into her TY reaches over and grabs a vibrator and begins sliding down my stomach i can feel the tingling of my ***** waiting for that feeling to hit as im being ****** stupid by megan her rhythum is ******* phenominal keeping me on the verge of *******.  Im told to hold it not allowed to *** till im told to. 

TY  reaches my **** with the toy and omg i was instantly about to *** i tell them im going to *** megan says you want to baby you want us to make you *** now ...." yes please break me in half i cant take it anymore please"   Megan looks at TY and smiles she proceeds to thrust faster and harder inside me in and out slow and fast deep and hard omg im losing my damn mind TY circles the toy around my **** over and over and very slow i can feel the climax approaching and its too much for me to handle i scream so loud as its coming close i feel the explosion in process megan at this moment hits the right spot and TY speeds the circles up and its now time .  My body tenses up and i scream " im ******* now omg dont stop please " im whining and losing all sense of ability to move.  IT hits simultaneously omg im ******* inside and out at once my juices start flooding out of my ***** TY pulls the toy away and megan pulls out and goes down touching her tongue lightlly to my **** as i finish ******* down her throat she licks every drop im sensitive as hell trying to pull away.  IM being held down while the job is finished.  ITs over now.  omg im shaking extremely bad and they both stop and just sit on both sides of me and start to pet me to calm me down.  I finally stop shaking and just feel my whole body go limp and melt into the bed.  Im laying there lifeless ..........that is a night i will never forget.

hope you enjoyed my true life experience

31-35, F
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Very nice. You must tell more sometime.

LOL....well thank you for taking the time to read my story and for your straight to the point reaction to my experience

Did you ever have all girl 3 somes after that with an ex or somebody you didn't know very long?
it is certainly quite an experience you had there