LADIES Would You Like to Fulfill This Fantasy With Me?

i ve always been the leader in every dating situation ive ever been involved in but someone on here who is absolutely amazing just gave me an idea of a for this person this story is for you, pretend we are attempting to date, again its dating ep style lol....its friday, and you have been teasing me and playfully seducing me all week ....bad mistake lol




...the weekend is arriving you are home alone for 48hours straight with no errands to run or responsiblities at all to take care of.  its time for your well deserved escape into angels world.  you invite me over to your house for a date i show up and you have the casual look going im spellbound already im into natural beauty and just comfortable looks my favorite smell is berries and you just happen to be wearing berry lotion smell.  again bad mistake lol....we go out to dinner and we talk about anything and everything and just laugh and have fun together ....keep in mind ive never known this type of treatment from anyone to me ive always wanted to experience the real thing so ill have to do it on here with you all a rookie at the details so you can fill in what i leave out if you like hehe


after dinner, we go to a park at night of course ...the night atmosphere is a mystery i could forever get lost in with someone ..... im having such a wonderful time just us being ourselves together like two kids in a playground just goofing off running around being crazy....we stop playing on the merry go round after i get dizzy and almost fall off lol....we start walking around holding hands and just feeling the night breeze hitting our faces talking and laughing some more than you turn to me and look at me with a deadly stare without a moments notice and approach me very subtly yet anticiaptingly and just kiss me deadly ....after you pick me back up off the ground lol.....we sit down on the bench and just start making out very seductively and teasingly ....hands running over each others sides and waist you holding my face in your hands i love that so much......then you stop and say we are leaving now.....i say where are too blindsidingly unpredictable to me so you keep me guessing the whole way .....we end up at the beach yes im from california and i live in florida lol......there have been beaches in my whole life

we sit down right by the waves and just listen to the waves crash near our feet we then decide well you get spontaneous and drag me into the cold *** water ugh its freezing but then you start kissing me and touching and our bodies pressed against each other in a heated manner to the point its getting very hot we take our clothes off and dive into the water chasing each other through the waves we meet up and really connect ...your hair is slippery in my hand and my body is one with yours and your kiss is never endingly intriguing me i know im getting wet but i cant feel it in the water lol.....i can feel your body melting into mine hands roaming each other fingers venturing into places that create disaster for you lol.....then i take over at this point you have driven me crazy enough that other personality is starting to come out ......IM ENTERING MY ZONE my previous mature stories if you want to know what my zone is all about .....

i start passionately sliding my hands over your stomach pressing your body against mine my fingers begin to roam up the middle of your chest between your breasts and over your hard nipples that are begging to be played with and sucked on i grab your throat with one hand not hard just abrupt kiss you deeply but teasing your tongue and lips with mine while my other hand gradually slides down your stomach following the heat i can feel from your sweet spot my fingers graze your **** and move away over and over again making you squirm for direct contact in my hands i touch it and stop just to watch your relief reaction that i finally made contact that you have been waiting for all week......i let go and drag you out of the water put you in the car and make you drive me to your house ....the whole car ride there kissing on your neck running my hands up and down your thighs talking to you making you wet with every word and i can talk btw.....i want you and you want me no doubt......i start rubbing your **** while your trying to drive talking to you telling you what is going to happen to you then you start melting in my hands your eyes are begging for my tongue but i again make you wait


we get to your house we get out and go inside and now you are mine for the entire weekend at my mercy well that is unless you turn the tables on me lol......that sucks cuz i lose my zone and when i do that i lose all control and i hate that lol......but the battle begins ....i stand there looking at you with ease knowing that im a lucky lady to be able to have this night experience at all.....

we go to the room and sit on the bed and just talk casually its nice to take breaks keeps the anticiapation going and the suspense of never knowing what to expect next lol.....if you have read this far hope you have enjoyed my fantasy story .....if you like you can intrigue me with your date itenerary .....if you are as open as i am feel free to fill in the rest for me you have 48hours with me lol...

31-35, F
Mar 18, 2009