After Hours

In the deepest recesses of my mind I was able to pick up the sounds of the gate out front being opened; but that isn’t what woke me. It was the front door finally opening that blew away some of the sandman’s haze; yet it wasn’t enough to fully wake me into total consciousness.  Drifting back into a place where dreams were better then reality, I never felt him come to bed; well not until his fingers rubbed the bottoms of my bare feet, tickling them enough that they would blindly kick out in defense.  Again, only half aware of the real world, I could feel his body sliding along the foam mattress, then the heat from his bare skin searing my own as he spooned me from behind.

A hand slipping around my side, cupping one of the twin globes, fingers playing across the already hardening nipple; a soft gasp could be faintly picked up as it slipped past parted lips.  With a light shiver dancing down my spine, my back would arch, pressing my breast securely into the palm of his hand; his lips playing along my shoulder and the back of my neck as he pulled my body back to securely rest against his own.  With the touch of his lips to my ear, his tongue trailing down to my neck, a soft moan would radiate from deep within, my arm rising up, hand moving to run through his dark hair.  Pulling his mouth more firmly against my neck, pleasurable mewling kept symphony as his tongue stroked a simple melody upon my flesh.

Rolling from my side to my back, face lifting, lips meeting as he takes mine in the most frenzied of kisses.  Teeth biting at lips, tongue coaxing one into the other’s mouth, hands grasping at anything and everything at one time; his hands moving to both breasts, my own slipping down his chest, reaching for that which made him male.  As his fingers teased my nubs, my own fingers skimmed along the twin spheres in their protective sac, hearing his muffled groan against my skin, spurring me onwards.  Curling my fingers along his length, hand grasping his shaft, stroking lightly, first up, and then down, fingers tightening just enough to coax a few more moans from him.

With my body rolling once more, I look into his face, flashing him a grin, eyes twinkling with merry mischief, lips attacking his once more.  Biting, sucking, nibbling, our furious hunger growing even more demanding; our two bodies come alive, our flesh seeming to dance with the electricity of arousal.  Pulling from the delectable treats that were his full lips, I flash him that coy grin once more; it was my turn to explore, taunting him to near out of control proportions.  Fingertips crawling down his chest, head lowers, lips quickly follow after; soon my path was diverted as my attention was snagged by his own male nipples.

Sweeping in for the kill, lips latch onto that hard little nub standing proudly from his torso, teeth clamping lightly, tugging, sucking, tongue circling, lapping at his nipple.  Not missing his reactions, the wiggle he gives when something not only tickles him, but arouses him enough to send little shock waves throughout his body, his gentle moaning, the way he calls out “Sweetheart…” the sound half moan, half whine.  All of these things only spur me onwards, the clincher always comes when he is heard saying “Sweetheart … you’re killing me.”

Raising up above him, I move to attack the identical nub with the same ruthless abandon as I showed to its matched set; again the same reactions, and with a soft giggle I finally release him from the pleasurable torture, this time only to whisper to him“Yes, I know, I love it.”  As our eyes meet, mine blue, his brown, a battle of wills seem to take place, yet wining out I lower my lips to press a kiss in the center of his breastbone; I do not stop there.  We both know what my intentions are, while I could go straight to the goods, there is nothing better then building up that anticipation, that lustful, wanton desire that makes a person go mad with need.

That is why I take my time, letting my fingers dance along his inner thighs, skipping his crotch, moving to skim back along the other inner thigh.  As his body seems to jerk in response, my hands slip along his thighs once more, this time to stop, cupping the twins, massaging lightly.  Trailing kisses, licks, and nips along his chest, his sides, I stop to dip my tongue into his navel, and as his belly quivers under the attention  my hand slips up to grasp his maleness once more.  Stroking his length a few times, fingers tease over the rounded head, my body is shifting positions once more.  Sliding up to my hands and knees, my head moves to hover over his groin, there is no doubt my intentions as I lower my crown between his thighs.

Again, skipping his proudly jutting shaft, I lower my lips to his sensitive inner thighs, teeth gently nipping his warm flesh, tongue bathing along smooth skin, bumping my nose into his sac, another flash dancing in my eyes as I move to the twins.  Without mercy I attack the rounded eggs, tongue lapping, mouth opening, closing over each sphere; sucking lightly, drawing upon the overly sensitive flesh, tongue wildly flicking along their roundedness.  His hands grasping my head, fingers curling in my hair, gentle tugs given as hips jerk and buck up off of the bed; “Sweetheart … what are you doing to me?” is heard more then once.

Knowing his limits, I dare to push them even farther, I know what I am doing to his body, his trembling legs, quivering form, speaks volumes more then mere words could ever express the emotions running throughout him at that moment.  With delicious sounding groans coming from his lips, he shifts is body upwards, partly to sit up and partly to escape the blissful torture of my mouth on his sac.  Following like a hungry puppy, tongue lapping at inner thighs, hands rubbing along outer thighs; I move to hover over is crotch once more.  This time, the tip of my tongue trails from the base of his penis, along the underside of his length until reaching the tip; exploring the ridge which gives the head that mushroom shape, I am relentless in my taunting.

Closing my lips over the underside, I gently tug along the loose flesh found just along the spot where the head meets the shaft, tongue pressing upwards on the well known hot spot.  As his hands reach for my head once more, I swiftly engulf his tip with my mouth, lips closing over the head, sliding down the shaft; lips pressing along the base of his penis, his pubes tickling my nose.  Stroking my head up and down his length, a gentle suction applied; tongue firmly skimming along the underside of his shaft; his hips bucking up against my mouth, hilting him deeply with each upward thrust.

Knowing that if I kept that up, he would fill my mouth with his essence, but that wasn’t in the plans, at least not tonight.  With a few more teasing strokes along his penis, I shift gears again, this time to kiss a trail along his stomach and up his torso, until our lips meet once more.  Again comes our hungry kissing, sucking, biting of our lips; but that ends almost as quickly as it starts, for he is already pulling away, whispering to me “My turn.”

Fully aware of what is going to come next, I offer a nod and a smile, shifting to lie on my back, making myself comfortable as his lips trail long my neck, pulling soft moans from my parted lips as I watch him.  His mouth moves lower, his tongue circling my hard nipple, a light gasp of my heard into the room, for while he was diverting my attention to his mouth on my breast his hand has slipped between my legs.  So as his mouth closes over one hard crest, his fingers has slipped between the folds of my *****.

Lifting my hips up to meet his hand, eyes closing half way, another soft moan coming from me as his fingertips brush against my hardened ****.  Coaxing moisture from deep within, his head lifts, I feel him watching me as my hands grasp his body, seeking to touch and cling to any part of him that came into reach.  Feeling him shifting his own body, I open my eyes more, seeing his head dipping between my thighs, another gasp is heard coming from my throat.

Opening my legs wide, my feet flat on the foam, knees bent, I am able to better thrust my hips up into his face; his tongue lapping at my ****.  With my left hand grasping his upper arm, my right hand snakes under his body, seeking out his length.  Alternating between stroking and massaging the twins, my lips finding the outside of his thigh as my body shudders when he hits a more sensitive area.  As his fingers continue to dance along my pleasure nub, his head lifts up and he looks over his shoulder at me.  My face half turned away, lips parting, breaths gasping with each new moan as he shifts his fingers a little higher; hitting the spot above my ****.

That’s it, that’s the spot, the one that drives me wild every time, while its not always an easy path to travel, it’s still the right hot spot that if hit just right, will send me shooting over that edge with a shout every time.  Of course this time is no different; he listens to my sounds of pleasure, watches the way my body quivers and reacts to his touch, varying the speed at which he is stroking my sensitive bud.  The more he works, the faster her strokes, the closer I travel towards my peak; hands gripping him tight enough to bruise, my body quaking, a deep groan given before the release.

Cresting that wave of orgasmic pleasure, my body tenses up, legs taunt, my body shudders, I softly gasp out “Oh geez …” sometimes I cry out “Oh god…” but at the exact moment that my body is giving itself over to the pleasure I shout out, loud enough that there is little doubt in the neighbors’ minds what is going on.  Not thinking of the neighbors, not caring, I ride that wave, until things get too sensitive, and pulling away from him, my hand is moving down to grasp his hand, thighs closing, pulling him from my trembling *****.  Laying back, gasping for breath, shuddering, and a smile plastered to my face, he knows as well as I know, that he has given me an ******; something that used to be elusive, until he took the time to pleasure me as much as I pleasure him.

As he rises back up over me, a smile tips his lips as he gives a little laugh, and says to me “What?”  All I can give in response is a blushing Cheshire grin as I shake my head and reply “Nothing…”  Of course we both give a giggling laugh as our lips meet, mine licking at his, tasting myself there, loving that.  This time my legs fall open again, his body shifting between my spread thighs; and as our kiss parts, he aligns our bodies together, and with him hovering over me on his hands, his hips thrust forward, his penis rubbing against my *****.

With a soft gasp, I lift my hips up, and as he thrusts forward once more I feel him slipping home, deeply within my moist cavern.  Of course sometimes this is not always the case, and he will have to sit up on his knees, and taking his length in hand he will tease himself along my slit, coaxing more of my love juices from my body.  Once wet enough he will drive home, my body arching up against his, another moan passing from my parted lips.

Raising my legs, wrapping them loosely around his hips, helping him to slip deeper; our bodies’ mesh, pristine white flesh merging with delicious mocha flesh; I love the way I wear him, just as I love the way her wears me; our colors contrasting, yet complimenting each other at the same time.  With my hands grasping at his shoulders, sometimes his upper arms, he shifts and using his arms supports my legs, nearly wrapping them over his shoulders as he steadily thrusts deeper within me.

Sometimes his hands will be resting on my thighs, spreading me even wider for his thrusting, he body fitting with mine, almost like two halves of one whole.  My hands drop down to grasp the edge of the foam mattress, eyes half closed watching him.  Seeing the pleasurable way his face contorts with his concentration and pleasure, our bodies slapping together.  As he nears his own peak, his thrusting picks up.

Our rhythm taking on a new hunger as his body repeatedly slams into mine, my hands moving to grasp his body, I can tell by his actions that the end is drawing near.  Watching his eyes close, his lips parting as he gasps for breath, I smile a I hear his words “Sweetheart … I’m coming.”  With that his hips buck against me as he thrusts even harder into me, our bed is creaking, groaning at the shuffle of our combined weight upon it.  Then as his hips jerk, he presses firmly into me as he softly calls out “I’m coming.”

Tightening my legs around his waist, I hold him deeply within me, for I love to feel him as he empties his seed deeply into my womb.  Holding him tightly, I can feel his penis as it pulsates and spasms within my *****; I love that feeling, for words can’t fully describe what I feel the moment that I know that his pleasure has come full circle and he fills me with his essence.  After a few moments to catch our breath, he leans towards me and I rise up to meet him, our lips fusing in another kiss, the hunger still there, yet not with the same intensity as it was before.

With the parting of our lips, our eyes meet once more, and a smile graces my face as I softly call to him “I love you so much.” His reply comes not long after “I love you so much too.”  Pulling him down to lay on top of me, I lightly stroke my hands along his shoulders, his back, his neck, anywhere that I can reach.  Enjoying the feeling of his weight upon my own, I close my eyes enjoying the closeness that we feel during our intimate times together.  Eventually with reluctance, I have to allow him to pull away, but as he moves to lie at my side, I roll to face him, head finding its usual spot upon his arm, my arm casually thrown across his chest.  Snuggling into him, I press light kisses to any part of his body that I can reach without moving too much, replete with satisfaction, energy sapped from my body but not as much as his, we both agree that we will sleep now, for later he will wake me for one more.

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@ captain: Thank you very much, glad you enjoyed it!

@ snooky: I will be sure to check out your stories, and I will be sure to comment on them. I know how helpful comments can be for people. =D

@UT I can write what I call "decent stories". I hope that you read mine and maybe comment. I rarely have time anymore. :-(

@ john: Thank you, and this is generally a typical night for my husband and I, it is where I got the inspiration for this story.<br />
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@ snooky: sweetie you can write like this, as long as you are passionate about what you are writing about you can accomplish anything you put your mind too. good luck %%-

Very descriptive story. I want to write this good.