For Master

After getting off of the phone with my Master, I knew that I had to do something for I was highly aroused, not like it was any real surprise.  For us both knew that my Master had that control over me, although neither one of us knew the reason behind it all.  Then again there was to be no complaints as this effect was astounding, yet always led to a desirable and highly pleasurable ending.

Roving about my house, I did my best to distract myself from the dampness in my shorts as my arousal made the crotch of my panties wet, and the delightful tingle of arousal only made it that much harder to ignore the burning need within me.

Finally giving up the fight for each new shift in my chair, before my computer, only sent the material rubbing against my neither lips causing a shiver of delight throughout my body, I left my computer behind.  Making certain to check upon my son, I was thankful that he seemed to be sleeping peacefully.

Slipping into my bedroom, I was careful to close the door with a barely audible click, not bothering with turning on any real light, for I loved the lighting to be soft and mood setting, therefore I turned on the small lover’s lamp on my dresser.  Then getting out my old faithful, a blue rabbit, I walked towards the bed.

Setting the vibe on the bed, I slowly ******** out of my clothing, just leaving them to pool on the floor under my feet.  Stepping from them I climbed up on my bed, and not bothering to pull back the pristine coverlet that covered the bed I laid back on the mattress.

Purring softly into the silence of the room as I thought about what my Master had said to me on the phone, I allowed my mind to imagine him sitting across the room from the foot of the bed, his heated gaze never leaving my body.  Wanting nothing more then to be the perfect slave and pleasure myself as he had ordered me to do.

With my eyes closed, I was able to easily picture him, shifting in his chair, perhaps I would hear his own clothing as they slipped from his body, knowing that his own penis was hard and straining for release.  Much like my own puffy neither lips, flushed and ripe for the picking.

Letting my hands drift along my body, I started by sliding them up my sides, shivering at the slight ticklish sensation before stopping to cup my own breasts.  Arching my back I rubbed the flats of my palms over my hardening nipples, forefinger and thumb taking the nubs between them.

Lightly pinching them, I rolled them about before tugging upon them, stretching them slightly a soft breathy moan escaping me, but barely being able to be heard.  The attention to my sensitive nipples only made the wanting all that much stronger.

Leaving my nipples standing at painful attention, just begging for a mouth to come suckle upon them, teeth nipping at them, I released them from my own grasp.  Drifting my fingertips down along my stomach, I could feel the muscles there quivering with the slow deliberate path that my fingers traced.

Stopping just above my slit, I could feel the hair that covered my mound tickling my fingertips, and licking my lower lip I slowly parted my legs while my fingers moved to lightly trail the outer lips of my *****.

Using one hand I slowly part the damp lips exposing my flushed center to the cool air within the room and a soft groan could be heard from me.  Held spread open, I used my other hand to rub down across my ****, teasing, testing my readiness.  With a tremble I felt that I could use a little more teasing and therefore I slipped my fingers lower, dipping them into my quivering opening.

Arching my hips up off of the bed just a little bit I slipped a second finger into myself, lightly thrusting as I teased myself.  Slowly opening my eyes I looked across the room, half expecting to see the aroused form of my Master stroking his throbbing penis as he watched me with a lustful intensity.

Yet not really seeing him there I frowned a bit, yet forgot my disappointment in being alone as I reached for the vibe that was lying next to me on the bed.  Wrapping my fingers around its smooth handle, I raised it to lie across my stomach, legs drawing up, knees bending, feet lying flat to the bed.

Letting my thighs fall open, easily reveling myself to nothingness once more, I teased a finger across my **** from the hand that still had my ***** lips spread open so delicately.  Softly gasping at the electric sensation that seemed to course throughout my body at that single touch, I knew that if I played more I would *** too quickly.

Taking a deep breath I slowly exhaled as I cleared my mind, moving the rabbit to the entrance of my moist cavern.  Nibbling my lower lip, hips raising from the bed, I slip the vibe into my slick opening, shuddering as its length and width filled me completely.

Turning up the slider control on the main part of the vibe, I set the penis simulator into motion rotating deeply within my *****.  Settling the rabbit ears against my ****, I took another deep breath, calming my racing heart before I slid the slider control of the hidden egg vibrator up.

Gasping, I softly moan my body instantly shuddering as the vibrations of the ears flicking across my **** was felt.  Arching my back from the bed, I slip both sliders all the way up, full blast if you wished to be crass about it.

Letting my thighs slip closed, I clamped my internal muscles around the vibe, holding it securely into place, my hands sliding up my stomach, moving to cup my full breasts once more.  Closing my eyes my breathing got a bit heavier as soft moans slipped from my lips.

I knew that for all concerned I had to keep things as quietly as I possibly could, for I would have been mortified had my son woken up and walked in on me.  For even in his half asleep, half awake state he would want to know what was happening.  I was not yet ready to explain that.

So as the vibe continued to hum and rotate within me, my fingers once more began to pinch, pull and roll my nipples between them.  Biting my lower lip, stifling the moans, my body seemed to arch up off the bed, hips thrusting forward as if thrusting in time with an impaling penis.  Yet only having my vibe, it made my actions all that much more enticing as my favorite toy worked it’s magic upon me, for that little blue rabbit has bewitched me.

As I felt that familiar tingling breaking out within my body, uncurling from the pit of my stomach and spiraling outward, I knew that I would explode within a matter of minutes.  Easily picturing my Master slipping from the chair he was sitting in, I could almost see him walking towards the bed, soft words of praise slipping from his lips.

Knowing that I had pleased him with my actions, I slowly looked towards him, although he was only there in my mind, I watched him through lowered lashes.  As my soft moans grew slightly into a higher pitch, it was as if I could see his hand stroking his penis, the angry red tip pointed at my body as I knew that he was near to bursting himself.

Yet as he kept praising me in my mind, I could hear the delight and happiness within him and arching nearly fully off the bed, my legs set to trembling with the need to try to control my release, yet as if my Master was in my mind, I could hear his sexy deep vocals as he encouraged me to *** for him.  It was those words that seemed to echo within my mind as I cried out my Master’s name, calling to him, wanting him.

Needing him as my body tensed up, exploding around the vibe buried deeply within my *****.  With my fingers pinching my nipples tightly, tugging them in such a painful yet delicious way, I writhed upon the bed, my honeyed juices flowing freely from around my rabbit to drip and puddle under my hips as they came to rest upon the virginal hued coverlet.

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I will be sure to take a look at your stories for you. I have a few others, some are finished and some are not and never will be. =D

Thanks sweetie, glad you enjoyed it! =D