Outside The Walls Of Ep

It was a small thing but when I came home last night from football practice there was a message on my answering machine from Bobfrost. He said ‘ Hey Sunshine, its me… I got the card with the pictures of the kids, it was the perfect ending to a perfect first day”.
I just thought it was really sweet and it made my night. We’ve always exchanged family pictures and I love that about our friendship.  When you are able to trust someone outside the walls of EP it makes things a little more special.  
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4 Responses Nov 9, 2010

Thanks WIB- it certainly is :) Thanks for commenting!

I agree with you snowbunny ... when you have someone's friendship both here and outside EP it's a very special thing.

FG- How about the I have Pet Rats group- ok yea that's so connected ! !LOL <br />
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Thanks Des ;) <br />
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Deanze- me too !! It really is special to know someone outside the walls and I am lucky I have several that are in my real life as well as EP.

That was nice of him. On a different note I see inside EP's walls the "related groups" is still messed up. It suggests I like pigs... I had the worst day of my life... I want you to get lost. HMMM I wonder what that has to do with this story. ((giggles at stupidity of EP's recommendations.))