Feeding People! Lots Of People!

Today I helped make food for 2500 people. Carving and chopping and unwrapping....
Tomorrow will be the same. 
..and I am SO HAPPY!!!!!

We are essentially one step up from 'homeless'. We, meaning my beautiful 20 yo daughter and I. Due to a series of non-stop SNAFU's and losing everything in the process over the past several years. BUT now we are living in a decent studio (no kitchen though) and have a roof, food and clothes. 

I've been depressed for over a year. Consistently trusting too much and being ravaged by the dark people of the world will do that to you. Frustrated at being passed over for jobs, worrying about how to take care of my daughter. 

After a year of living in first a shelter and then an SRO in San Francisco, I've finally decided to let go. 
Yes, I was angry for a long time. Then I was stuck in Neutral. Now, well, I've decided to start in low gear. I haven't been living and I certainly don't want to live like this waiting to die. I've had a hip problem for awhile, partly due to stress and depression that has kept me from going out and getting any exercise at all....and worried that I won't be able to work in a kitchen again.  

It's been rough. I'm an older cook/baker and after a long time of not getting a single call back for work my self-confidence went to Hell in a handbasket. 
What better way of building confidence than helping to feed 2500 people?

We are on a work program here for our Assistance. It's not much, but you don't really need much. I've realized that after of years of stress and anxiety trying to keep up with the visions of The American Dream and having people blow it out of the water over and over. 

In any event, my daughter's gig is as a volunteer at Glide. A huge ministry to help people down on their luck. Our little SRO has a view of the long lines that form every day rain or shine for 3 meals a day. Families, kids, seniors....Not many fit the image that most people have of a line of dirty skid row bums waiting for a handout.

I decided to ignore my hip and have started to go. One way or another I grab my little cane and go in with my daughter, but I don't need it in the kitchen....and I realize now I CAN. It's the HOLIDAY SEASON. The lines are wrapped 5 fold back and forth around the huge city block. It's so fulfilling to know that most of the people will appreciate what you do, even anonymously. Even if they don't know it. 

....and TODAY I worked for 6 hours. On my feet. With my bad hip. 

...and on my way home I found little European orange/chocolate biscuits for my daughter's X-mas present. The shop owner didn't even charge me for them. Couldn't be happier.

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1 Response Dec 24, 2011

That is great! You have found inspiration through helping others! I hope you are doing okay still.