It isn't something to be happy but I thought it was funny and I smiled a lot...

My team member at work aged middle fifties maybe **I couldn't ask his age obviously :) ** picks me up and  drops me at home most of the while we return from work i just ask him what does he like to do when he returns home...
Here is what he says "I crash off and then I like to tease and trouble my son" I smile back I guessed might be his son is little kid and  i just ask him "how old is  he, does he go to school?" He says "25 year old" My jaw drops open..i mumble up "Oh My". He says "don't give that look...I am not so old after all" :) :)  
papri papri
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2 Responses Aug 10, 2012

I can honestly say from a knowing a bunch of 50+ folks......they rock and can act younger and have more fun then folks less then half their age!! I think we ALL might just be getting BETTER instead of just "older" :D This is a cute story!! :D I smiled too!

thank you :)