Unexpected But Happy Destination.

I'd missed my bus home and didn't want to wait or find something to do for anther 40 minutes so I just caught the next bus that was there. It took me to the ocean.

Apart from the beach being my all time most comforting place to be, I'd actually been meaning to go there for a really long time but had always been distracted because of other opportunities or events. Not only was I happy to be there but it started raining as I walked down. You know that scene from "Blast from the Past"? Where the main character sees the ocean for the first time and runs into it and just dives in like it's the most perfect thing ever to be created and must be enjoyed as such? I didn't dive in because the water's far too cold here... but that's prty much how happy I was.

imustbecrazy imustbecrazy
2 Responses Feb 12, 2010

This really made me smile :) I'm glad that it made you happy as well

i'm glad to see that you found some peace and comfort