Perhaps I Should'nt Share This

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I have learned that the secret to being bad is to be good. IT works every time. Like in school, If your a good student and well liked by teachers, no not a teachers pet, you get away with everything. You can roam the halls and just do what ever and you never get in trouble (although you shouldnt get youself into trouble in the first place). You never get suspected of doing anything youre not supposed to be doing. Its practically the perfect cover up. It even works outside of school in the real world. If you have a clean record and a good background you get away with alot or you get a smaller punishment. It may not work in all cases but it will work most of the time. Perhaps I shouldnt be sharing this. Im probably being a bad influence right now...

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That was me in grades 6 and 7. I turned bad for a couple of years and got away with most of it. I just wanted to have some fun and I didn't hurt anybody. I turned off the school's electricity but I was apalled when some other kids who were being mischievous had no concern for people's safety. This one kid started a fire in the playground while I was home for lunch. I came back and my friend Zachary had to go home because the smoke irritated his asthma so much that it was debilitating.<br />
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I was still breaking the rules (mainly because I was bored) but I made sure to cause as much disruption without any harm. I got away with everything except what I confessed to and the school didn't even believe my confession. My parents did though.

Oh yea I know that. Thats why i dont take chances like that. I did spot the errors but I ignored them since I ignore my own lol. But i understand what you are talking about.

I here what your saying, and appreciate your honesty (or admitting to your dishonesty), but once you are "found out", it's almost impossible to regain someone's trust. I know you probably will hate hearing me say this...sorry, but you are young and there is a lot you think you know now, that you will have an epiphany for as you mature. For example, many might not even spot the grammatical errors in "I here what your saying", in the first line of this comment. <br />
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My point is, you don't know what you don't know, until you know it.

Your welcome lol X)

Hahahaha I like your evil laugh :P