Back Catalogue

Hi Y'all... for those who have asked for my Video back catalogue:

Parisian Dreams:


My Inspiration:



Falling off a bike... :

Luisa y Julio:

Faking it:





Bus ride:

A tipsy kiss:

Bus play:

Car fun:

Tender moments:



Teasing in France; it's just too easy:

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15 Responses Dec 8, 2012

Love the bus and hotel foyer


Who did you get to film you? Did anyone notice you taking your panties off in the hotel?

Nicely done, especially "Hotel."

Here is one in line with the videos you posted.
A naughty girl, like you ...

OMG I saw that movie ("Falling of a bike" scene)... some time back while in Mexico... on Mexican Cable. Seems cable there often runs uncensored European Cinema, and I loved it... Can not recall the name but it has some other interesting scenes, like the swing ******* and I remember the jealousy when she rode with the older gentleman...

Great videos dear Claudia... Kiss...

Not heard from you for ages! Thanks for the comments; we must have similar tastes!

Yes we have similar tastes and as we know they are arousing, classy, naughty and so and fun. Miss those movies here in US though, they don't seem to make it htrough censorship... shame...
Have been intensly devoted to work, kindda hectic but fun... little time for the good naughty fun til now...hehe

But I'll catch up and kiss some more...

Tell me when you visit California...

Parisian Dreams girl at the end looks like you a little hehe...

So she became my fantasy too...of course...


very nice vids

Charming, sexy, fun. Thanks for the links.

I haven't watched them all yet... But from what I have seen...... Fabulous and provocative.

Very interesting video colection... full of erotism in the innocent but also naughty way... it makes me even more courious to see your EP pictures, but for this you would have to add me as a friend ... and maybe I am asking too much... thanks

You need to get to know me before I add you...

don't know why, but I'm just getting crazy about commando girls ;)

I can appreciate that, Babe!

The things I find followin JohnnieGirl around. =)

How do you come across unlisteds? 'My Inspiration' was hot ... and I couldn't understand a word. But I understood.

Fun post!

I add a new one every couple of weeks... and I upload them myself.

I always thought youtube had a thing against nudity?

That would be yourtube - not mine.

They're unlisted and hopefully, noone will complain. If they do, they're history.

Yeah - got that Johnnie? Behave! =)

Love the vids!


Love them, so soft sexy and sensual! I have seen the movie shown in #3 and 5 and I think the others need to be put in my queue immediately!
I love reading your posts almost as much as I love your pictures.

*Smiles... my posts are much more important than my pictures!

Love your selections and your stories. Please add me so I may admire your photos as well.

I will have to check this out! Wait your from the UK? I was there from 3 to 15 Oct this yr riding with Soldier's Charity and Blesma! So what part of the UK? Are you in the States or still in the UK? When you used the expression Y'all spelt in the American Southern way, I like are you over here?

Hi there

I travel a lot, often to the States. I was in CO and WY a couple of months back but I spend more time on the East coast.

I from the East Coast. NYC, The tri state area, and Virginia! Small Worked! Now Southern California!

I love Laramie. I was in Jackson for a few days this trip.