I Want You To Sniff Them

You should sniff my arsey smell and my hairy ***** after i have a long work out i love to wiff my panties and sniff that horrible smell i love the smell of my arse and fanny i love looking and my panties and lick them ;) xxx
DirtyxBitch DirtyxBitch 22-25, F 38 Responses Aug 19, 2011

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how do your panties smell?

Mmm you are not the only one! Omg Id love to do this with your dirty smelly knickers! xx

I love the sweet sent of **** and *** in a girls panties , would you send me a pair , that you have had on for at lest 2 days , that you have wiped your ***** and arse with ?

you are so sexy i want too **** you so bad !!!

I wish I could! I love for you to sit on my face after your workout and you could let the sweat run into my mouth. So hot

How can i buy them ?

Mmm! I have always thought ***** and *** smell and taste so much better after a good workout, ripe strong smelling - delicious! Would love to smell and taste you for sure!

hmm I am sure they smell delicious with your sweat, **** and *** smell....the thought alone makes me extremely hard

Il buy your panties off you x

Gurl u have all the fantasies a Man would want. U make us men stay alive in this Dried Out World.
Many thanx for the lovely fantasies and its quite inspiring to know that Babes like u do exist in this world and not all apprehensive to admit it.
By the way, i c u do not reply to much of ur stories, but honey, u have inspired a legion of men whose own wife's do not allow 95% of the things you allow.

sweaty workout girlarse smell is my very favorite ! Oh, how I would snuffle and rut in your sweaty, smelly *** crack and *****. You are, hands down, my favorite girl :P

my kinda girl
wanna play ;)

I love a lovely hair ***** and if your bum has some fine hairs all the better......the hair holds your scent so much longer and in an almost intoxicating way........Mmmmmmm......please don't tease me any longer........*grins*

im sure they smell and taste lovely :p

I want to take a deep breath of your most dirtiest panties!

I love the smell of a good worked out in pair of panties.

I would love to taste and smell your dirty panties, ***, and ***** :)

pick me please! lol

Me to you can send me a pair of those

OH, I would love to sniff your panties and lick your slit and your ******* through them! You are so fantastically hot! Tris

Thanks for all your comments Means alot xxxxxx

I would love to smell and taste a pair of your panties, even mre so if you *** in them. I've currently got a 19 year olds panties coming in the post along with a ***** pop.

I would love to smell your worn panties.

dam i bet they do smell dam good how could i go about gettin a pair

mm yumm...would you mind eating mine as well?

You are amazing. I would love to watch you sniff and lick your panties:) maybe you could convince me to lick them too idk :P

Love it. Love the *** smell, the pee smell and the sweaty ***** smell. Making me hard now. I have shared a good **** with my wife while we both sniffed her panties and kissed. Some of the best sex of my life

Love to add mine to yours

I'd love to smell your ***** and *** I'd lick them both

you are filthy

Rub my face in them

after you fingered your ***** good and hard and there full of your juices