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Share a song or product or something here that brings back memories for you. And I'll compare notes.
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Glass milk bottles frozen in the winter with the frozen cream pushing the cardboard caps off. ;o)

I never had milk delivered. I've never seen a milkman ~.~

We used to have a cheeseman istead of a milkman (we called him "Peter Cheese") when I was a child, way better than supermarket cheese.

The milk would freeze and the cream would slowly rise up from the neck of the bottle and you could cut it off and eat it like ice cream. ;o)

Used to get milk delivered in England, but where I am now, most farms have a vending machine, next to the cows. The farmer puts raw unpasturised milk in the machine, and you put you money in, anything from (approx) 10cents up, and that amount of raw milk comes out into your own container that you bring. As the milk comes from only a handfull of cows, you can tell what they have been eating sometimes. Some cows have really creamy milk, so you can pick your farm depending on how you want your milk. All the cows have bells, which are tuned to make each cow happy. A good farmer knows which bell will suit a given cow best, based on the cows temperament. My favorite farm has a music system for the cows, and I sometimes hear the cow friendly radio station in winter at night, which the farmer leaves on if the cows are getting a bit depressed because of the long nights, and the hay (rather than fresh grass) in winter.

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Gummies !

Ohhh cute...
She-ra princess of power

Dente, they don't even sell those around here! They look cute! :-o

I have two bags of Tangfastics here. ;-p

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I've never seen those..I equated haribo with sanrio...Its not a Japanese candy co?
I had a boring trip :(

Nope, Haribo is European, wikipedia says German. :-)

Ohhh..yeah I've seen that name before. I can relate to Scarrie too a bit.

Are we doing this now? :-p Refering to my younger self as Scarrie as a thing? :-p It doesn't sound bad, I have to say.

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These little numbers: http://www.dutchsweets.com/images/lg_haribo_frogs.jpg

I already told this to Rubes, but it's a fun story, so I'll just share it anyway.
When I was in my experimenting phase with drugs when I was still a little teenage Scarrie (*ahum*), I once had a trip on LSD (for the people interested: 100 ug).
During that trip I thought it would be cool to eat one of the above sweets: little frogs with a creamy belly and a bright green, apple-flavoured gummy top.
The idea was to make it all happy and nature-like and cartoony when eating those, untill... I tasted the creamy side.
Instantly the taste triggered closed eyes visuals of baby pink, high heels, pin-up models and other sensual 1950'ies style imagery.
I couldn't stop giggling about my own embarrassement, it wasn't quite what I expected.

Talking about "kissing a frog that turns into a prince, or ehm... pin-up model princess"! :-p