*pops Knuckles*

1) Your username: 

2) How long have you been a member of EP?
mmm, i think it was the end of june, 2010

3) How did you find EP?
i googled for forums for poems (that sounded kinda kewl lol) and KABLAM!! ep kinda took a hold on meh..

4) Do you remember who your first friend was on EP? 
Reset (kinda miss her)

5) Who are your closest friends on EP?
Coisty, Charlie, Quartet, Punkin, Pixiee!, umm.......*drawing a blank*....dammit!! OH! Allexii!  and others that i did not mention : D

6) What EP friends do you really look up to/admire? 
all of 'em :))


7) Have you created many groups yourself? 
yezz,...like four or somefin..

8) Do you check to see what new groups have been created to add whenever you log on? 

9) What kind of groups are the interest mostly on your groups? 
creative writing

10) What's one of your favorite groups? 


11) Do you write a story every time you are on EP?
i don't, but i try to.

12) Do you prefer to write a long story or one straight to the point and a paragraph?
SHORT...i suck at da long oness..(that's what she said..)

13) Do you check to see what new stories have been added to read whenever you log on? 
yes. well, my friend's stories.

14) Do you comment many stories? 
mm, i'm a little under average..

15) Who writes some of the best stories on EP to you? 
this is an impossible answer, c'mon..

Question of the Day

16) Do you always answer the Question of the Day?
...huh? didn't know they had those!! *runs to da-da-da-da-da questions..*

17) Have you ever won the Question of the Day? 
look up one question mo fo..

18) What is a question they haven't asked that you would love to be asked?
um,....your mom..?


19) Have you ever wrote a confession? 

20) Do you read and comment on other's confessions?
sigh, yess!


21) What mood are you usually the most? 
moody, nono, umm..... i'm more cheerful..yeah..

22) What moods are the mood list do you want to be added? 
this question was worded weird...pass

User Pictures

23) Do you prefer for someone to have a userpic of themselves or a regular avatar? 
mm, i don't care.. but i do like to know what people look like.. i'm a very visual person haha

24) Have you uploaded pictures of yourself on EP?


25) What would you change or add to the Experience Project if you had the opportunity? 
i would love to edit my profile page...too much useless **** on there
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1 Response Apr 18, 2011

haha... i didnt even know this was HERE!!!!!<br />
<br />
amma HAVE ta add ya to my friends list now mofo..... no more incognito *pulls down shades* for prinnypoos.<br />
<br />
amma write one of these!!!<br />
<br />
You just OUTED yourself as one of charlies besties lol *hugs bro*