I Like Surveys

1) Your username: Ashley868

 2) How long have you been a member of EP? Almost a year now. I don't remember when I joined.

3) How did you find EP? Sumbleupon

4) Do you remember who your first friend was on EP? No

5) Who are your closest friends on EP? None really

6) What EP friends do you really look up to/admire? I don't know


7) Have you created many groups yourself? Yes

8) Do you check to see what new groups have been created to add whenever you log on? If I am bored

9) What kind of groups are the interest mostly on your groups? A lot

10) What's one of your favorite groups? Don't have a favourite


11) Do you write a story every time you are on EP?No

12) Do you prefer to write a long story or one straight to the point and a paragraph? Usually straight to the point but it depends on the experience

13) Do you check to see what new stories have been added to read whenever you log on? no

14) Do you comment many stories? If it interests me

15) Who writes some of the best stories on EP to you?

I don't know


16) Do you always answer the Question of the Day? No

17) Have you ever won the Question of the Day? No

18) What is a question they haven't asked that you would love to be asked? I don't know I haven't checked all the questions so if there was a question I wanted asked, it might have been asked


19) Have you ever wrote a confession ? I spend most of my time there

20) Do you read and comment on other's confessions? Yup


21) What mood are you usually the most? I usually forget to set it


22) What moods are the mood list do you want to be added? I don't know


23) Do you prefer for someone to have a userpic of themselves or a regular avatar? don't care

24) Have you uploaded pictures of yourself on EP? Yeah


25) What would you change or add to the Experience Project if you had the opportunity? A real message forum for everyone instead of just the ones that are in the groups.

Ashley868 Ashley868
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 11, 2009

nice. =]