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The Experience Project Survey



1) Your username:


2) How long have you been a member of EP?

ooo i'd say a fair few months now! i no longer consider myself a newbie!

 3) How did you find EP?

I was searching something astrology related on google, and an experience group on here showed up, i ended up clicking on it and then realised that this was a pretty cool site! And i'm very glad accidently found it! 

4) Do you remember who your first friend was on EP? If so, who? Are they still on EP?

Very first friend, hmm, i can't remember!


5) Who are your closest friends on EP?

Hmm i have lots of friends and have made lots of small talk with a lot of members here but i don't think i've really got to know someone or let someone get to know me well enough to say i have a closest friend just yet! 

6) What EP friends do you really look up to/admire?

There are a few, can't remember names though. But there are a few women on here who always seem to have very intelligent opinions that i very much admire :)


 7) Have you created many groups yourself?

Lots! And i love it when people share my experiences!

8) Do you check to see what new groups have been created to add whenever you log on?

Sometimes i read the new stories, and join those experiences. Most of the time i just join experiences that are in the related experiences section of the experiences. Wow i said experience too many times then.

 9) What kind of groups are the interest mostly on your groups?

I can't say there are certain kinds of groups that interest me most... Generally it's just experiences i've had, things i love, things i hate, general interests, sometimes silly things like quizzes, etc etc.

 10) What's one of your favorite groups?

Hmmm. Hard one. I'm not really sure. I mean there's no one group that i continue to add to, i don't think. So i guess it'd have to be one of my top experiences. Because they are my main ones, the most true to me, i guess. So i'll list a few of them...
I am scorpio! I am emotional! I am intense! I am not always lady-like! I can be a ***** when i choose! I am an INFP! I love a great sense of humor! I study psychology! I love to learn something new every day! I love intelligent conversation! I am spiritual, not religious! I like astrology! I am striving for spiritual englightenment! I like alternative fashion!


 11) Do you write a story every time you are on EP?

 Sometimes, not always. I do need to write more stories though.

12) Do you prefer to write a long story or one straight to the point and a paragraph?

I think it depends on the story! Sometimes i do write short and to the point stories, cause that's all that's necessary. Other stories and experiences have more to them and need a little explaining. Sometimes i like writing long, expressive, descriptive stories, and reading them! But that's the point of the site isn't it! To enjoy writing and to enjoy reading other peoples stories!

 13) Do you check to see what new stories have been added to read whenever you log on?

Not every time. But sometimes i do check to see the latest stories.

 14) Do you comment many stories?

If i have a comment to make, ofcourse!

 15) Who writes some of the best stories on EP to you?

Ooh. I'm not sure. I don't know if there's one single person who could take that cake. I think there's quite a few people who write some really great, interesting stories. And keep 'em coming!

 Question of the Day

 16) Do you always answer the Question of the Day?

I actually don't think i ever have! Perhaps i should!?

 17) Have you ever won the Question of the Day?

No. I've won best answer though!

 18) What is a question they haven't asked that you would love to be asked?

I'm sure if i think of something, it will have been asked. But i guess when i think of it, i'll ask it!


 19) Have you ever written a confession ?

Yes! Only 2 or 3. And they've always been anonymous. They didn't really need to be.
Sometimes i regretted making them anonymous because when someone would comment on my confession i wanted to reply to them. But i realised that would defeat the purpose!

 20) Do you read and comment on others' confessions?

Every now and then i check out the confession page. And if something catches my eye and i have an opinion on it, then i will surely comment!


 21) What mood are you usually the most?

Happy or bored!

 22) What moods are the mood list do you want to be added?

Is smitten on there!?

User Pictures

 23) Do you prefer for someone to have a userpic of themselves or a regular avatar?

I used to be annoyed by the fact that people want to be anonymous. I don't mind anymore. And ofcourse this is meant to be an anonymous site anyway so it doesn't matter. And i now, since being a member of this site, actually think that avatars are often more exciting and pretty than real pictures anyway. I hate when people have photos of themselves blurred, avatars are mysterious! I think it's cool talking to someone and picking up on personality traits or learning things about them, but still only knowing them as a cartoon face or something. I think it's kinda cool!

 24) Have you uploaded pictures of yourself on EP?

Yes i have.


 25) What would you change or add to the Experience Project if you had the opportunity?

Hmm. Not feeling too critical right now, but one thing i just remembered that kinda bothered me was the fact that you don't get any notification when you post a confession or question and recieve comments or answers! I think that is a definite must!

jasminjane jasminjane
18-21, F
Feb 15, 2009