Mes Reponses...

1) Your username: Honir

2) How long have you been a member of EP?
Since last November

3) How did you find EP?
Googling for amateur erotica

4) Do you remember who your first friend was on EP?

5) Who are your closest friends on EP?
Ancientbirdy :)

6) What EP friends do you really look up to/admire?
Stephenmj12, who knows way more than I did at his age.

Outofbiz, for using scripture to defend her kinky lifestyle, which is worth a million bonus points from me.

Krypton, for being able to call me on my bullshit.

7) Have you created many groups yourself?
A fair number, though some are redundant with existing groups.

8) Do you check to see what new groups have been created to add whenever you log on?
No, I only look at groups my friends have joined or are joining.

9) What kind of groups are the interest mostly on your groups? [sic]

Anything that's happened to me, I'll join.

10) What's one of your favorite groups?

I am learning the Runes, I'm the big contributer there and I like how it's phrased.


11) Do you write a story every time you are on EP?
Oh hell no, I put a lot into most of my stories (except stupid quizzes like this one :P)

12) Do you prefer to write a long story or one straight to the point and a paragraph?  
Longer is better.

13) Do you check to see what new stories have been added to read whenever you log on?

14) Do you comment many stories?
No, mostly because there's no easy way to keep track on stories you've commented on (doesn't show up in just-for-you box).

15) Who writes some of the best stories on EP to you?
Silly question, I do!

Question of the Day

16) Do you always answer the Question of the Day?

17) Have you ever won the Question of the Day?

18) What is a question they haven't asked that you would love to be asked?
Is there a God? I abortion wrong? Is Mohammed a prophet?  I want some hard-hitting questions that inflict a nuclear meltdown on the comment thread.


19) Have you ever wrote a confession ?

20) Do you read and comment on other's confessions?
Occasionally, if I see one of my friends commented on it.


21) What mood are you usually the most?
Horny, but I only post my mood if I'm in an incredibly odd one.

22) What moods on the mood list do you want to be added?
Hungover, Angsty, Beset with Ennui,

User Pictures

23) Do you prefer for someone to have a userpic of themselves or a regular avatar?
I love the real picture with a partially obscured face.  Moomouse's awesome coffee avatar was my inspiration.

24) Have you uploaded pictures of yourself on EP?
I'll probably add more as I get more brazen, honesty is addictive!


25) What would you change or add to the Experience Project if you had the opportunity?
As stated above, giving me the big red alert when a comment thread I'm involved in has been updated.  Some of my comments are just as long and labor intensive as my stories. 

Honir Honir
26-30, M
3 Responses Apr 10, 2009

This survey is cool!

This is the outofbiz story I was referencing:<BR><br />
<BR><br />
<a href="" target="ep_blank"></a><BR><br />
<BR><br />
The idea of using Christian orthodoxy as the basis of a 24/7 DS relationship somehow stikes me as incredibly awesome and politically subversive.

I am going to read Outofbiz stories right now. They sound like much fun. :)<br />
"Googling for amateur erotica" .... so you<br />
I think that seems to be the most telling answer on these surveys.