Fuzzy peaches or swedish berries?fuzzy peach

Is My chemical romance gay?i have no idea

Are emo's just looking for attention?probably

Describe Paris Hilton in one word:sorry i don't read much on those sorts of things

Ever had a crush on a teacher?no

Favorite animal at the zoo?giraffes

Do you laugh at anything?yes

Do you drink water from a bottle or a tap?i would drink from the tap,but it's questionable if it's a stellar idea to bathe in it,let alone ingest it,so for now bottled.

Do you draw on yourself?no

Do you swallow your gum?no

Is drew carey UGLY?he's nerdy hot

Is Drew Carey stupid?idk

Do you like Drew Carey?sure

++So were those boring? Well these are better!++

Have you ever stepped in pee?no

Who is your best friend? WHY?my Mom,she's my mom!How could i get a better person for a friend?I don't like how dramatic most people are it's draining.

Do you need talent to be famous these days?no

Do you like mustard?no,i hate it with a passion.

Hotdogs or hamburgers?which ever one has cheese on it.

Hilary Duff or Lindsay Lohan?Both?None?

Nicole Richie or Paris Hilton?Nicole Richie?

Gays or Trannies?Trannies

Are you gay?no

Or are you not sure?i'm sure

Do you like coffee?not really

Have you ever burnt yourself?no

Is this survey boring?i'm never bored when doing my favorite hobby.

Do you even care?no.

On a scale of 1-10, how hot is Michael Jackson (10 being hottest)?3

Can you handle pressure?n/a

Hardest thing you've ever dealt with in your life?i haven't had much hardship yet.

Do you like personal questions?yes

Why are you single?I'm 14,I don't feel like putting in the effort,i don't trust myself to be alone with a boy.

Do you like quadding?i guess

Does quadding have 1 D or 2 D's?2?

Quadding or Quading?the first one.

Have you ever changed a diaper?no.

Sweet or sour candies?sweet.

Chips or potatoes?potatoes.

Potato chips?I like the cheddar and sour cream kind.

Tape or CD?CD
(If you said tape then get the hell out of the 80's)

Do you like the smell of laundry detergent?no it gives me a headache

Do you love your taste buds?yes

What is your favourite feature on your face?my skin

Do you even like your face?i do

Makeup or no makeup?Makeup

Underwear or no underwear?No undies.

I hate the word pantiesI'm neutral about it.

Favourite word to say: ****, Crap, or Poop?****.

do u typ lyk dis?no.
(I'll slap you if you do!)

Is fall out boy for failures?i don't anyone who listens to them.

Is the recorder the dumbest instrument ever made?sure i guess

Dogs or cats?cats

Cats or dogs?Cats

Do you watch Big Brother?no

Do you call people fat?no,i say overweight

Is the survey better yet?i guess

Can you bark?no


Did you just try to?no

Do you have long nails?medium,long ones look like fangs,short ones look like you bite them.

Where do you work?i'm to young to work

Do you smell like diarrea?no

Has cancer touched you?It's touched my family.


Do you sing the song that never ends?I don't sing.

One thing you will never forget in life is:The love I feel from my family.

You want to marry at what age?A long term relationship is more likely than ever getting married,late in life,i want to focus on career first(and last).

Do you like Jelly Beans?no

Describe yourself in 8 words!Young,innocent,kind,cautious,hopeful,calm,selfish,and immature.

Have you ever gotten a fridge to big for your house?no

Do you sleep in a twin sized bed?no
(Get a new one if you do!)

Are 7th graders just posers?yeah.

Are you smart?I'm working on it.

Chicken soup! Pass or take?take.

Do you read?I'm trying to read more often.

Who is your favourite Charlie's Angel?I rarely watched that show.

Are you hungry?no.

Do you go to clubs?i'm 14!

Do you hate nuns?No.

Do you hate pioneers?I don't know any,i don't know any nuns either.

Do you know who Richard Simmons is?
(He's quite the guy/girl!)Yes.

Do you know anybody named Damien?No.

Almost done, sailors!uniforms?

What do you want to be what when you grow up?a psychologist.

My mood:neutral/content.



BummbleBee BummbleBee
18-21, F
Oct 21, 2008