P ick 7 words that start with the first letter of your first name.
beer, bratwurst, belly, barbecue, brat, breast, benefit


Is there anyone that you care more about than yourself?
my kids and grandson

Is your profile private?

What' s something that always gives you the chills?
when I'm cold

How has this past week been for you?
great, I was super busy at work

Who are you disappointed in right now?
my daughter (she's in jail for trying to outrun the cops at a traffic stop)


When a friend walks out of your life, do you go after them or let them go?
I haven't had this happen, but I only have a few really good ones and I wouldn't lose them over something stupid

What do people think about you that isn't true?
That I am strong and tough.

How many months until your birthday?

What are you listening to?
A TV documentary about Ruby Ridge

Does it bother you when your friends bring up your past mistakes?
Mine don't do that. 

Are you good at giving directions?
No! I am challenged when it comes to directions.

What is your favorite thing to eat with peanut butter?
I like it alone, on  a spoon

When was the last time you cried really hard?
don't remember

Would you ever shave your head to save someone you love?

How's your heart lately?

Are you a jealous person?
I can be.

Any plans for tomorrow?
Yep, taking grandson to the River Festival. Will be fun!!

Can you successfully blow up and tie a balloon?

Do you want any tattoos? If so, where?
yes, on my upper back

What's the last thing you laughed at?
when Michael Jackson died my office went wild, it was kind of 'gallows humor'

Which of your friends is the easiest to talk to?

Who was the last person you had a deep conversation with?

Does the thought of marriage scare you?
kind of, I just lost my husband a year ago, I'm not in the mood for re-attaching right now

What was the first thing you woke up to this morning?
the beautiful sunshine streaming in

Who do you hate currently?
this woman in my office that eats like a pig and is having lap band surgery 'for her health'...she goes on and on about it to anyone that comes into the office (and you can hear the potato chip bag rustling in the background) The only redeeming quality about this person is that she is also lazy and does not come in a lot and then it is blessedly quiet....

Would you rather have your nose or tongue pierced?

Where do you live?
Washington State

Are you waiting for something?
right at this moment, I am waiting for a hair appointment

Last facebook message you received, what'd it say?
don't Facebook

Did you cry today?

Do you hate the last person you had a conversation with?

Do you have kids?
yes, they are all adults now

Last shocking news you heard?
that my daughter's bf is actually 42 years old (loser)

What was the last thing you drank?
having some coffee right now

Debra27 Debra27
46-50, F
1 Response Jul 10, 2009

hello Debra, I'm sure that doesn't completely define who you are. Its exstremely difficult to write it all down. I see that you value your close friends and that your family ties are strong. my condolences to you for your loss. There is no given time span for a person to go through the moutrning processes. I too enjoy my grand children when I am able to see them, they complete my life and they did the day they were born. I admire your thoughts and virtues, they are rare in some aspects and comon in those who are deep with there feelings. I would be honored if you add me to your circle.<br />
<br />