Jimmy's Day One - Fav Tune

This has been my favourite song since somewhere in 1970 when I heard it for the very first time... that's 41 years, I know.
To me -of the hundreds of thousands of songs I meanwile must have heard, this is the ultimate one, still. Nothing surpasses it. Nothing between ABBA and Zappa. Nothing in the classics even.
This song is a bridge, encompassing the divide betwixt everything that ever was written and everything that still has to be written.
This song is the ALL.

jimmyrudyjump jimmyrudyjump
56-60, M
9 Responses May 30, 2011

Great choice sir ..

Thank you for giving enjoyment," Deep Purple " is working in all our ears' favor, nice hearing from start to end.

long haired yobbos.

please noooooo...heard it like 110000000000 times.Great song,but I just cannot take it any longer.

Great song, great band! <br />
<br />
Hadn't heard it in a long time...brings me back to my high school days when it first came out.


Aww thanks Jimmy. That is sooo good to know!! :D

Good. There's still hope for you :D

It's one of those pieces of music that makes you stop and think while listening. I honestly can't remember having heard it before, but I really enjoyed it. :)