Day 2 - I Don't Only Hate This Song, I Fhate Everything About It!

As a matter of fact i hate it so much it pains me to name it or even think about it.  I certainly will never post the video or the lyrics!  In this song, the asshat known as Vanilla Ice poser fuckface rips off two of the best artists of this century, maybe though-out all time and you know what, he got away with it!  Stupid little *****!  He made crappy movies too!  I FHATE him and his music so much!

The song (If you want to call it that):  "Ice Ice Baby" by Vanilla Ice.

FHATE x a gazilion! 
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I am a big Bowie admirer and Queen too just not as much as Bowie. I idolized when I was young. "Under Pressure" is a very meaningful song for me for personal reasons. When I heard that clown sing Ice Ice Baby I wanted to kick him in the. well you know where. Id be listening to the radio and here the begining and get all happy and then like a smack in the face it was Vanilla Ice. I really hated him fcking clown. Anyways, with some therapy I've been able to get over it. (only kidding about the getting over it part) Its frosts me till this day

There are numerous songs that qualify for this question you ask. Lets see...blake sheltons some beach....that is such a dumbass song...not to mention the lameass music is a useless waste of music talent... I will forever be a rock and roll ****** till the day i draw my last breath... I mean....there are rock songs i can honestly say that didnt even need to be written and released.. But.... They were...

I detest this scumbag. He ended up on the lowest and most pointless form of Reality TV for all of his mindless efforts and even made a further fool of himself there.<br />
I am also a big Bowie and Queen fan.

Vanilla Ice is a total F'ing plastic ****! <br />
Dun-Dun-Dun Dah....<br />
Dun Dun Dun Dun.......................NO! Stop!

well never watch disaster movie oh wait that was flava flav.

wow.....i agree

I knew the intro was from, "Under Pressure" but I didn't know he just took it without going through all the rights, payment, permission and paperwork....Wow he is a real douche....<br />
<br />
I have to Google how he got away with it. Stealing the works of Bowie and Queen... I can't even fathom that.... :~/

Back then, it was ripping off. Now, it's called 'sampling', and just about every one of those rap clowns does it. And no one seems to mind.

Amazing how a simple name change can somehow make everything all right, isn't it?

I'm with you on that one!

Makes me want to reach for an automatic weapon - and use it on him....anything to shut him up and stop the pain in my head!!! Grrrrrr

The beginning riff is from the Bowie/Queen song Under Pressure. This fucktard and the talentless hack that helped him write it are douche nozzles to the nth degree!

Wow....You're really ON him over this one! :O I have to say he is one of hubs pet peeves in music too. I didn't care for him or his rip-off style. He just totally was NOT a real rapper..... I didn't know he ripped anybody off though.... Who did he do this too?

He really did suck. I liked the parody that Jim Carey did though on "In Living Color" was so stupid, much like "he whos name shall not be spoken".