Jimmy's Day Six - Reminding A Place

This songs reminds me of the "Far West" district in my native town of Vilvoorde in Belgium, more so a "youth club" underneath the Far West church where I used to hang out with a buddy of mine, chasing good music and girls, the latter much to the dismay of the pastor : )

Gerry Rafferty's "Baker Street" from the 1978 album "City To City"

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Funny what music reminds us of :)<br />
<br />
Far from amorous furniture destruction, I'm smelling some sort of jasmine in the air as you would when the sun sets on a lazy evening and you've got a few friends around for a quiet evening outside with the music blaring from inside the house.

omg * blush * i never knew the name of this song, so i didn't recognize it right off. I think I broke furniture to this song...

Broke furniture? Don't tell me you turn bulky and green in your spare time...

I love this song! ,,,hmmmm,,,,*wonders what else Jimmy was doing on that sofa?* :D

It would, if the chasing didn't go any further than sitting side by side at the bar, sipping carrot juice while staring each other in the religious eye.<br />
I got thrown out a couple of times because I used the sofas in the reader's corner for more things than thumbing through "Asterix" or "Lucky Luke" strips... : )

I love this song. Isn't chasing (guys) girls and good music what youth club is supposed to be about? Lmao