Jimmy's Day Seven - Remember An Event

This is the song which -when it was released in 1970- made me realise what kind of music I really liked.
I was nine at the time and I officially became a Hard Rocker, hehehe...

Uriah Heep's "Gypsy" from their 1970 debut album "...very 'eavy ...very 'umble" -released in the USA as "Uriah Heep" with a different cover.

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* dance * * repeat * * grin *

Heep-heep, hurray!! Thanks sierra : )

I have heard the song...From my hub's collection of sounds from the 70's and I like it. What's totally cool is that I always learn the best stuff from Jimmy!! I never knew how they got their name! Thanks Jimmy!

They went into the studio in 1969 as a quartet named Spice and came out in 1970 as a quintet named Uriah Heep (organist Ken Hensley was the addition).<br />
Because of being constantly confronted with the preparations for the festivities of the 100th anniversary Charles Dickins' death (1870-1970), the band changed their name to Uriah Heep, who is indeed a character from David Copperfield.

I had this one on 8 track. God I'm old. My parents bought me headphones for Christmas. Think they were trying to tell me something. Great tune.Thanks for sharing. Weren't they named after a character in David Copperfield or something? I forget.