Day 30 - Sad It Is Over

All good things must come to an end, I suppose.  This has been a fun and rewarding project.  I gained a lot of perspective and insight, thanks so much to who ever created this group.

This is supposed to be my favorite song from last year.  Some of you may know that I am a huge New Orleans Saints fan (American Football), I go to every home game and watch every away game with the same group of people.  This team means a great deal to this city and always will.  They pick us up when we are down and each and every one of they are members of this community, out shaking hands and giving their time to the children and those that are in the hospital.  These guys aren't just football players, they are local heroes.  On February 7, 2010 I was in a hotel in the French quarter with the same group of people that I always watch the games with, we were all a little nervous because our beloved Saints were set to match up with the Indianapolis Colts in the Superbowl.  It was the first time the Saints had ever been in the big game and we were clearly the underdog, but they pulled off a convincing win.  I've always said that if I could be any place at any time in history, I would be in the middle of the crowd when the Berlin wall fell, all of the energy and excitement, all of the joy at that moment at that particular place must have phenomenal.   I can tell you, being in the middle of Bourbon street right after the Saints won that Superbowl was like that, there were strangers hugging each other and crying with each other cheering, "Who Dat?" in unison we were one.  And then this song came on, a song we had heard a thousand times over the past season, a song that signified the success of a score.  Yin Yang Twins, "Halftime"

[Intro: Ying Yang Twins]
Okay, okay, okay, Ahhh!
Hey I'm trying to get crunk
See 'em

[Chorus: Ying Yang Twins]
Tell 'em how we gonna come (CRUNK)
Tell 'em why they don't want none (CRUNK)
Tell 'em why they better run (CRUNK)
Stand up and get crunk (CRUNK)
Stand up and get crunk (CRUNK)

[Hook: Ying Yang TWins]
Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)
Here we come to get you (you better get crunk)
Here we come to get you (a little bit more crunk)

[Verse 1: Ying Yang Twins]
Crank it up, thats what we gonna do
Crank you up, me and my brother we came to get CRUNK
We won't stop (nope) we keep on coming cause
We won't quit, thats why we keep bringin hits

[Verse 2: Ying Yang Twins]
We droppin' everything you poppin'
From the Ying Yang Twins again
To make your adrenaline, pump right on through your skin
And make that crunk again (crunk)
In Two thou. they was'nt playin' our deal
But we came on back, cause we needed to win
We jumped out like a jack and a russel
Like I added with a *** doing sack in my sock



[Talking: Ying Yang Tiwns]
Okay Okay Okay Okay
Ladies and Gentlemen
If you haven't had enough
You better hide yo' lunch
Cause we bout to eat that *** up

[Ying Yang Twins]
Eat they *** up (Oh!) x8
Okay Okay Okay Okay
Stand up and get crunk
Stand up and get crunk


[Verse 3: Homebwoi]
People all over the world jump
Everybody in the bleachers get crunk
Listen here buddy this ain't what you want
Blue fifty-two, break, duck
DY go left while I'm fakin' the K
When I'm done you gonna remember my name
It's H-O-M-E Bwoi
Look I'm Homebwoi
Now that I'm up in my zone boy
Pack up I'm sendin' you home boy
Take you up outta the dome boy
If you did'nt know you should of known boy
Should've thought about changin your tone boy
Better not let us catch you alone boy
Crack heads like we made of stone boy
When we come out you better be gone boy

Here are the game highlights.

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2 Responses Jul 12, 2011

Awww, thanks Sierra. This song was just so much a part of my life last year, I couldn't leave it off my list. It really does get you pumped up.

Awwwww, You got such a heart!!! hugs and hugs....So much of your personal story is found in the "WHAT" but so much more of the real AWESOMENESS that is Aether is found just under the surface in the many "whys" that make you such a really ...really amazing person...... Hat's off to on this one!!<br />
I've said it more then a dozen times but Imma gonna say it again...You just totally ROCK!!