Day 08 - A Song That You Know All The Words To

Okay so today i could actually post any elvis song :)) but i chose my favorite one :) specially when im having troubles of the heart..i wish my knight in shining Armour would say this to me..enjoy xx

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My favorite Elvis song is Heartbreak Hotel.

I wish this for you too! The more wishes we put out there...the more likely they are to come true! *crosses fingers, closes eyes and says I wish , I wish, I wish* :)

An unexpected - yet very welcome - choice . . .

I love when relatively less popular songs from very popular artists are chosen. Shows true fans . . .

I gather

*sings to Magic* aye.......... are we both sad? whatever. *spins you*

mwahzzzzzzzzz! *holds you close* your bow looks lovely tonight. =P

*blushes and looks down at feet* ....i ummm....i luvz u too *dips you*

lmao yes, i keep listening to it! You're not helping to get rid of my mush mush feelings. *sings*

=o i am damn flattered. i cant believe you'd give up delish abs and yummy warm arms for my awesome boobage

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Errr ummmm. Me?


Oh, that is a good one! I've had "Devil in Disguise" stuck in my head all day.

Ditto, luv. As it happens, "You Gave Me a Mountain" will probably always be my favorite by the King.

awwww.............<3 *takes you by the hand* lets slow dance

i love this song *dances and thinks* you're in love, eh? i can tell

aye, it happens, no? some Kings gotta be left. PM me, about that heartbreak

lol but, what if i found a guy that doesnt mind how fukked up i am? ayeeeeee

=( i know it too

*raises hand* pick me!! 3 of us. I'll bring a friend and we'll have a family


There's no doubt about that! How could he not!

What if! *Tisk* you have them lining up waiting for their opportunity. if you weren't such a lazy bastard and would read their resumes you would have found him by now! lol

we burn resumes usually. lol

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