Day 30 - Your Favorite Song At This Time Last Year

O how sad :( the last day already?? lol well i havent really played this by the rules as my music taste is a bit off the here you would expect me to post a hit from 2011...yet i rarely listen to a radio as i will gag listening to bieber and his sorts....i listen to my music and it keeps me sane lol....
so here is just a song i like..every year this time since i was about six :)) First elvis song i ever heard...the song that started it all :D enjoy xx


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1 Response May 10, 2012

Well.........I want a Teddy Bear! YAY!! 30 days! You did it. Thank You MissBlackMagic for 30 days of fun and REALLY good music! Well done! :)<br />
I'm gonna miss it though!