My Life Story.

When I was six years old, my mother died. Its a day ill never forget. She died four days after my little sister was born. I never got to tell her goodbye. It hurts to this day. She was 27 years old. She was the most beautiful woman ever. I wish I could bring her back. I remember seeing her face in that coffin. All I did was cry. I remember my daddy asking me if I wanted to give her a kiss and I told him no. I wish I would've gave her that last kiss. I regret it to this day. Well anyways, my daddy got married like a couple years later. He does ever drug you can think off. He loves his new wife's kiD's more than he loves his own. He buys them stuff and goes to see them. He hasn't bought me or my sister anything since as far as I can remember. No Christmas presents or birthday presents. He's never made the effort to see us. We run into him every now and then and my little sister gives him hugs and kisses and tell him she misses him but she just doesnt realize how dirty he is yet. She too young to. Well, he let his new wife come between us. He doesn't care about me at all. at one point him and his new wifeel split up and he promised me he wouldn't let her come between us again and he was sorry, he even cried that night. I belied him and about a week later he showed me why I shouldn't have. I have lived with my Grandma ever since I was a baby. My mommy lived there on and off with us, but most of the time she Sasha off somewhere with my daddy doing drugs. He got her hooked on crack and pills and all kinda stuff. And, let's just say I think I'm going down the same path. I smoke weed everydaoy to take away all the pain. I have nobody there for me. Noone understands me. My life is just getting worse and worse.
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18-21, F
Jul 24, 2012