Celtic Woman Speaks To My Heart Each Time I Hear Them


I want this music to surround me when I die......and tonight I just don't feel too well. so I'll be listening to these earthbound ladies with angelic voices........just in case.
Genie46576 Genie46576
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4 Responses Sep 7, 2012

I, also came across their music on PBS, and at once went online and ordered all their CD's that was out at the time...and have added to that as more become available.... Very beautiful and talented act.

are they not fabulous Wolf? I love their presentation and their incredible voices-appeals to the Irish in me!

i usually have the opportunity to see them every year- phenomenal sets , costumes and those ethereal voices,

U are not alone !! I love to listen to them, I am always looking on the PBS station for them !!

I love thier Angelic voices !!!
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TY- just electrolytes out of sync- I have been replaced and thank goodness feel much better