I am a unhappy mired man who stays for my boy.
We never have sex so I have been looking else where at the gym no that’s not a good place
I am a nudist and she was till the kid was born and now she wants me to stop
I’m not stopping its part of me
So I put up an add
It goes like this
Looking for lonely wife to have long term sex and friends with
At lest in my age range 45 to 50 something
I’m 52 fat but loosing weight
 Love to be nude outside especially
Love to have lots of foreplay
I would like to feel your soft skin on mine and run my hand allover your naked body  
Kiss you from your head to your toes and kiss you all the way back up to your sweet spot and teas it till you scream explore you with my tongue till you scream with pleasure again
Then penetrate you with my throbbing hard member and make you take another ****** from you. Mmmmmmm can you feel it
Ooooooooo feels good
I’m looking for something long term you need extra I need extra we should talk
This has got me 3 possibilities and I’m down to one who is responding well
But she likes to be tied up
I never tide any one up and am a little scared
But she’s nice and we can talk not like if I was trying to get some young thing that we only talk about the latest boy band
She is in a 25 year relation ship and has been with out sex for 8 years because her other has been crippled so that part works for both of us.
This story will continue as we progress and if we do the final step
robin2967 robin2967
46-50, M
Aug 2, 2010