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Your Existing Situation

Constantly moving forward in her life and career in order to gain a higher position and more recognition. Unhappy with current circumstances and needs to constantly make changes to herself in order to become a better person.

(I blame the Catholic Guilt)

Your Stress Sources

"Not a team player and is unwilling to be involved in most activities. In the past she was over involved and now emotionally drained. Due to her fear of over involvement, she now chooses to remain uninvolved with the activities around her. "

(Everything just feels like another life-sucking monumental task and I just can't be bothered)

Your Restrained Characteristics

Emotionally distant even from those closest to her.

(Yes. I have pulled away from everyone I was close to.)

He is being forced to be happiness and pleasure on hold for new due to her limiting circumstances.

(Not sure on this because I assume those are typos.. If what it should read is "She is being forced to put happiness and pleasure on hold for now, due to her limiting circumstances." ... I would agree with that. I feel as though everything in my life is limbo... it's all an if/then scenario, in every aspect, which I find very limiting.)

Your Desired objective

"Finds pleasure in the finer things of life. Wishes to over-indulge in a lavish, luxurious lifestyle."

(Yes. Yes. Yes. I am a creature of comfort and I want what I want. And I really hate when I can't/don't get it.)

Your Actual Problem

Fears others will try to hold her back from achieving her goals and the things she wants. Puts on the charm and can be manipulative towards others hoping she can get them to do as she wishes and making it easier for her to reach her own goals.

(mmmm... yes and no. I feel that my current situation is holding me back from moving forward and I dislike that intensely. I don't think I'm as charming as I used to be and I think manipulative is sort of a harsh term, but I definitely can agree that I choose my words according to the situation that will best suite me. Although, I'm not certain that is specific to me. I think most people do that, don't they?)
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Here's a vote for that Catholic guilt! lol Nice read...