Is Obstinacy For Filipinos? - Tell Me How To Stop Sparrows Nesting Please!

Since last Christmas, unexpected visitors have been coming to our home office coffeeshop. The first one was a kitten, who never gave up to my wife's and my driving her out before we finally admitted her to stay here. She was as if no places else to go as it was the only place for her to survive. Her attempt to get inside of our bamboo fence was so persistent that we felt like a certain spirit clinging from the forest next by.

Now, she somewhat became a part of our family with named Shiro (meaning white in Japanese). On the other hand, a young Askal, Ayame, we brought up since 2 months old, has ended up leaving our place. Indeed she chose freedom of strolling around than the security enclosed with plenty of food. Both of them are so much obstinate never stopping the acts until achieving their desire.

With a couple of sparrows making a nest at our coffeeshop this time, I am really wondering if such obstinacy is a characteristics of being Filipinos (half-joke, half-serious for my friends around). It is in a roll up shutter case where has only one inch clearance when rolled up . So, as the shutter rolled up, a massive grass and whatever they brought to pile has been pushed out to fall down. In fact, it is impossible to make it, but they never have given up.

I forgot how many times I picked up the wreck of nest and bloomed the entrance floor. The huge remains I put just aside so that the birds may re-use for their attempt have just been ignored. Amazingly enough, I found they are collecting just the same kinds of materials again and again! Alas, I have to concede to the Philippine nature? Repeating the overflow trash may result in making the shutter disordered, actually!

Does anyone know how to have them give up their hopeless struggle? From the bottom of my heart I beg your suggestions to cope with such a stubbornness, please, please, please! Or else, rather I should be the one to give a way on the contrary? Now that I may even believe that I be chosen for living together by another, honestly.

46-50, M
Mar 10, 2010