You Want To Know What To Say?

Call me a ****, a *****. Tell me I don't deserve the affections you are giving me. Tell me how i'm useless and naughty. Tell me i'm only good for one thing, sex. Try any of the below
I was ******* off and thought about how I needed a place to blow my load, so I came to use you.
Get down on your knees so I can jerk off on your face
Get on the bed so I can explode inside you
Get down so I can shoot my load all over you
Lay down so I can cream you
Wake up, i'm gonna dump my load in your nasty little *****
Open up so I can shoot off in your mouth
Take it all, you little *** ****
You think you deserve my precious ***? I'll show you where you deserve it.
I'm gonna cram my load down your throat like the *** dumpster you are
You're nothing but a *** dump
You like my *** all over your face you ****?
You feel my creamy load on your ***, *****?
I need a *** rag, but you'll do.
I'm gonna use you like a sex toy
You're only use is a place to blow my load
I'm gonna empty my balls inside your pretty little mouth
Take all that *** you ****
Your not good enough to spend time *******
You're a waste of time to ****, you naughty ****
I'm gonna **** your ***** till you scream
You don't deserve to be pleasured, I just need a place to dump my load
Your ***** is nothing but a *** receptacle
I'm gonna cream your face for being such a bad girl lately
You're gonna swallow every last drop of my ***** even if it chokes you
Take my **** deep, *****
Swallow my load, you *****
You want my ***? You're going to have to work for it
****, you're going to have to try harder
i'm going to spank you with my **** You need to be **** slapped across the face You don't deserve my **** You're nothing but a ***** You deserve a smack on the *** I only **** you cuz youre here You're nothing but a place for me to cream in i'm going to knock you up with my ***** I'm going to make you carry my child inside you I'm gonna shoot my *** on your ****, you good for nothing **** I'm gonna cover you in *** like the **** you are You're gonna take my load and you're gonna like it Take me deeper or I'll slap you with my **** Take my load on your face or you'll have to be punished
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4 Responses May 15, 2012

I think I need you to ***** down naked, get on your hands and knees, and take a blindfold. You hear people walk in the room and stand around you. I say sit back on your butt and suck on my **** you dirty little ****. You fumble with my **** earning you a **** slap. But you find it and begin sucking oblivious to all watching. After awhile I stop you and pull out my hard ****. I remove your blindfold. You see me mount another woman and take her ***. As I pump you become conscious of the 3 guys stroking their ***** above you. But you can't take your eyes off of me pumping right in front of you until I blow my load. I tell you to clean off my **** and to lick her hole you worthless ****. You begin to clean up her *** and my **** when suddenly you feel hot liquid land on your back, you turn and another man blows his load on your face. As you wipe your eyes another load falls on your ****. You look up in amazement and I say, hurry up you dumb *****! Now you got 4 ***** and a **** to clean!

Nice job you damn moron you forgot about the part where I smack you across the face because you aren't even good for sex and stuff your head in the toilet. you don't expect me to actually let you use my shower do you? Holy ****, your a dumber piece of garbage than I thought.

You are a dirty little *** bucket, you need us guys to use everyone of your fuckholes. Leave your ****, mouth and *** overflowing with ***!

All of your holes are *** receptacles you filthy *****. You will spread whichever hole I tell you to and take my load. You will beg and plead for me to make you *** but I wont care. Your holes are there for my pleasure not your own. beg for me to fill your holes you worthless piece of **** meat.

Your comment got me so wet :)