Requests For Hook-ups Annoy Me

I am actually a very honest, compassionate, kind, considerate, and generous person. People are usually more complex than an anonymous list of experiences and confessions can properly express. People are multi-faceted and can't be summarized in the few paragraphs generally allowed on internet profiles. Just because I log on and share my experiences doesn't mean I have a desire to hook-up with strangers. I'm not here to stroke egos, provide **** material, satisfy a pathological need for attention, or be taken for a ride. I'm here to share my feelings, experiences, and desires in a safe environment and to talk to others who have stories to share. Most of us have to keep certain aspects of ourselves shrouded from our co-workers and family, so we turn to friends & lovers when we can and anonymous internet confidants when we can't be with our friends & lovers. Sometimes the daily grind wears us down so much that we begin to feel faded, shadows of our true selves- we need to relax and unwind & feel comfortable with someone, but it isn't always an option. Sometimes there is work, family, conflicting schedules, bills to pay, responsibilities to tend to, lack of gas to visit people, lack of money to go out, et cetera, et cetera, that's when I'm online. We all need human contact. I don't need a fling- flings are HIGHLY over-rated. I'm not unhappy with my friends or anyone else in my life- I just don't get as much time with them as I'd like. If I ever did want a hook-up I have much better options then random strangers. So I find the several dozen indecent proposals a day to be annoying and frankly, a bit insulting.

I am sorry this turned out longer than I intended it to be. Thanks for letting me vent
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MY several stories reveal facets of me. Of, course, there's more, but it'd be best if we joined our EP circles.
Pls take a look at my profile, and then consider adding me to your circle. Thx.

SS, I am not good with words, but I agree with your feelings in this story! I have shared SOME of my experiences and do want to talk to certain people about them, some I would love to talk to in person and MAYBE go from there! THANKS!!