Lushiro's Tablet Of Self-Discovery

1. My username is born from my fantasy story's protagonist I was in the progress of making but went on prolonged hiatus.

2. I am an empath who sympathizes with the suffering and broken.

3. I have a burning passion for literature and art alike ranging from many diversities.

4. I have an overwhelming sense of justice for people of the damned, even compassionate to those who don't deserve the sympathy and has a love for people that matches the equivalent of God.

5. I adore anime, manga, and manhwa (comics). Including Japanese/Chinese/Korean culture.

6. I can type my complete and coherent thoughts or ideologies without thinking consciously words just weave through my fingertips.

7. I have traveled from my original state to Tampa, Florida and South Carolina via family trips.

8. I am a brother of three sisters albeit one is estranged and does not live with us.

9. I write poetry and short stories based on my pure intuitive imagination.

10. My favorite animals are wolves, birds and meerkats.

11. Greek and Japanese mythology are my favorite discoveries of ancient lore and origins.

12. My dream is to be either of these three things: Game Developer, Graphic Novel Publisher or Fantasy Screenwriter.

13. I am addicted to EP <_<

14. I have no friends in real life or much family I can depend on cept for a small few.

15. I am an introverted person who enjoys solitude but loathes the crowd.

16. I am engaged to my laptop... :O

17. People say I have a nice and handsome smile.

18. I have no hair due to a hairloss condition called Alopecia Universalis (story is written for it)

19. I feel reconnected with nature and the hard-knocks of life when I go for walks through the forest and city.

20. My favorite subjects in school were/are language arts and science (biology), also health and wellness.

21. I am terribly decent at math.

22. My favorite color is azure and crimson.

23. I dislike politics for it brings the worst out of people.

24. I have not lived a sheltered life.

25. Reality has not fooled me for I know what the REAL world truly is.

26. I enjoy creating my own quotes.

27. I admire compassion and humility.

28. I can draw and use Photoshop to create and transform my art.

29. I am allergic to furry animals and bullshit, idiots and the government.

30. I know myself very well. I could glance into a mirror and completely recognize my face.

31. I accept people for who they are no matter what.

32. I believe sexuality is completely stupid and overrated.

33. I want to travel the world someday.

34. I am often overwhelmed with information by life for it's constantly amassing.

35. I love you all! :D *Free hugs*

36. I am a video gamer and movie addict.

37. Someday I want to work with Microsoft, 343 Industries, Square Enix, Nintendo, Dreamworks, Pixar, Warner Bros, Cartoon Network, Nickelodeon.

38. I am still learning to trust people.

39. I like to live a simpler life because life is not complicated and should not be made such.

40. I am contemplating on what college or trade I want to get into.

41. I am certified in Microsoft Office Word.

42. I inherited auto-mechanic prowess from my grandfather.

43. I am a believer in things get better if you be patient and wait.

44. I enjoy making people smile, happy and laugh.

45. My mother and I share a weird but versatile sense of humor.

46. I am a geek :D

47. I usually try to be nice but kindness is taken for granted.

48. I see the good in people even the murderers and suicide bombers.

49. I am a believer in God for he saved me at birth among many other experiences I've had, that is my reason for believing in his existence not because of religious influence.

50. My philosophy in love is that it should be given unconditionally without a self-indulgent agenda.

51. I'm an Old Soul, another gift for I can understand the world on a extraordinarily-extrasensory level, granting me wisdom beyond my years.

52. I am me and no one else, no less different or special. Just myself and I prefer it that way. "Being yourself is the key of any manifest of recognition."-Me

53. I am currently in a bad situation at home involving an overworked mother, and drug-addict/jobless *****-donor who couldn't careless for the family.

54. I disapprove of talking on the phone unless required... .-.

55. I idolize TMNT (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), they are my childhood and my inspiration as a person.

56. I have an articulate way with words.

57. I am honest, kind, humorous, silly, weird, crazy, psychotic, eccentric, and most of all abnormal!

58. I've been bullied all throughout school both physically and verbally.

59. I will never understand people who harm and bring despair to others.

60. I adore human connectivity and random acts of kindness.

61. I am mediocre in speaking Spanish.

62. I despise my own hand writing.

63. I easily get attached to people.

64. I have a mind that enjoys keeping me up at night.

65. I have suffered as a victim but became a survivor.

66. I love fantasy and sci-fi, also macabre, criminal investigations, forensics and horror subjects, shows, books, etc.

67. I am in love with Milla Jovovich and Lightning (Claire Farron, Final Fantasy X13 Protagonist)

68. I have a tendency to subtly flirt...with just about anyone :P

69. I love a large variety of music so long as it's not country!

70. I go into weird phases where I become distant and very anti-social.

71. I always do research of the object before making judgments.

72. I like to people watch, observe and sight see and discover things while defining the mysteries of the world from an open-mind.

73. I change my EP avatars often to associate with my moods and usually they portray the things I like such as animes, animals, movie casts, etc.

74. I am generally quiet.

75. I am extremely forgiving and believe in optimism over pessimism as well.
Lushiro Lushiro
22-25, M
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It is very nice to know one's self so well, it is the first step to happiness ^^ Good Luck :D

(claps) wow just wow


Thank you.

its grt wen ppl analyse themselves this much perfectly.




That really was very bloody interesting :D
I especially love '21. I am terribly decent at math.' You have no idea how cute that sounds lol X
Seriously, if I tried to write one these it'd be rubbish - you did good Lush :)

LoL Thank you :)
Nah people have to find their own style...and self-discovery, took me a while to find mine and so it is written. ^_^
You can too, just dig deep for your treasure. D:

that was incredibly long but it didn't take very long for me to realize what i was reading. i think me and you have a lot in common. i used to ask people if they knew what an empath was. and i would tell them it is the ability to sense physical and emotional sensation's from people or your surrounding's.
i have that ability. i am introverted and trying to be something better than what i am right now. like every thing else you will ever do it take's maturity told use an ability to the best of your capability. mine i somewhat uncontrolable at the momment. but i am trying to be a good person.
unlike you i have a high prowess toward's sex. it is something that has overwhelmed me for a while. i swear if you had been a female i would said i found my perfect match. (sigh's)
but seriously though what i was reading is very familiar becuase i too have that ability. i have been undergoing tremendous termoil with the spirit world and i am trying to belong somewhere.
i would apprieciate it if i could add you to my circle of friend's. there 's is something i can follow. i dont know is your life perfect it would nice if i could somehow manage myself with a larger degree of success. it is on my mind constantly and it's so hard to talk with people how are not directly involved with i am going through. i have no one to relate too.
that may be a little untrue but it is mostly here and there, have tried recently to search the web for like minded individual's. like your self. you sound as if you know what you are doing. anyway. there is a lot on my plate.
i enjoy writing and playing music and have posted some on myspace. i am into music and art and like like minded individual's. so say hello is what i am trying to say. (slap's you a high five buddy gesture). lol anyway... .

Well in #38 states I reached a circle can still add me but I won't add back because of my policy due to maintenance...purposes. I'm sorry you've been struggling's harsh out in the real world but no my life is far from perfect, its not horrible but not that good either.

"I dislike politics for it brings the worst out of people."

Truer words have never been spoken!


I find you very interesting.



In a good way, though! c:

You truly are one special person and will always be my brother here on EP and in life if we ever meet!Just don't sneeze on me...HAHAHAHHAHAHAH!!!!

LOL I'll try not to though I am def allergic to wild cats :P
Meeting would be nice :o

Are you sneezing yet?Because I'm an idiotic furry ******!!!!I love you brother!!!YOU ****** RULE!!!!!!'!

Lmao thanks spitty :P

Wow i think ur like my big brother and in japanees its onii.Ill nik name u that "lushiro onii" it has a cool ring to it


My grammar-nazi senses are tingling.
#51 an*
Okay, done.
my OCD senses tingled at #72.
but it's forgiven as your list has intrigued my whole view towards an introvert. Your articulation in words and quite-detailed description of your persona made me realize how sophisticated an introvert could be.
You, I like you. Good post :)

Thank you, and I fixed the grammar mistake.

25 more you are in the 100 things about me group . Good list

Lol thanks :D

My friend, my brother


wow I just realized how alike we both are ;O minus the fact that I don't like comics & computers as much :P I am a more political person :P

LOL I can tell woman. :P

Something about me..I love you as my own..not just on EP.


You got already at 67 :)
I love #12, I think you probably are going to all three as well. But #40 beats all :)
You are an extraordinary person Lushiro, and I am honoured to have you in my group of friends.

Likewise :)

This is an excellent post,you have so many traits that I admire and respect.This story should allow you to choose new friends.I would advise you to vet those who you wish to become EP friends with and add those who share common interests.


Thank you ^_^ yes that is very true.

Wild what a list brother you got my respect.


=) that made me forget the reasons for a while. Thank you.

What reasons? o.o

Great list brother!
I hope you do get into Games or writing...your damn good at it!

Thank you! I hope the same. ^_^

I have a feeling you will. Your just way to good at it not to!

Eh I don't know how I'll go about to even get involved with it...don't know where to start... -.-

That's always the problem...getting your 'foot in the door'. But if you keep writing and putting it out there....people will notice. They already have here!

Well...that's one small victory. o.o Do you know how I could get about publishing anything decent?

Well I had a friend do a graphic novel. went pretty well (he was the artist, not the writer). He hooked up with a friend from College to start it. They started selling them at a local comic book story. Then a couple, then several. Eventually the 'writer' got a 'real' job and it stopped. May not be much....but it could be a start if your intrested in things like that!

I'll keep that notion in mind, seems you have to do marketing or some kind of collaboration to get noticed by a company who would like to make your material publicly known, it has to be top notch stuff huh? :/

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This is an interesting list. I enjoyed reading it and my favorite was:
#29. I am allergic to furry animals and bullshit, idiots and the government.

lol XD Thanks for reading!

Beautifully written,left me speechless from the moment i started reading till the end.....hope everything'll be ok and i just wish you the best,good luck with getting back to college and if you ever get to work on some of those big name companies i'll be cheering for you all the way ^_^ just hope you won't forget about me when you get up there :) and i'm sure those guys who bullied you throughout your school life were just a bunch of low life losers who has nothing better to do and i just hope someone teached those guys a lesson for being a bully.thanks for sharing so much about yourself and i'll be sure to read the next one's that follow :) goodluck dude and stay safe...

Thank you for your post and don't worry I rarely forget about good people and friends ;)

I hope everything gets better, and you do seem like a very talented writer.

Thank you..

I was thinking the name Lushiro sounded Japanese

Haha XD It's inspired for sure but completely original. I'll update it if I can think of check back if you like. ^_^

did anyone else get bored at #6 and skip to the end?


just jokes #28, 51 AND dangit the one about the colors.

Thank you...

haha #22....see I care ;)


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Rock on, Sensei. You're one in a million, & I hope things get better at home.

Lol thank you :) Yeah I do too it's hard...

I was in a similar situation, so I know how you feel. But I'm sure you will make it through it if you continue on like you have been.

I believe that. Sorry you had the same issues, glad things are forward now! :)


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Every single person in your circle had better rate this up and leave a comment.

Hahahaha wishful thinking :P

Ok Dude! Out of the GenePool! Who can compete with that! Lol!


No wonder I like you so much, you're a very cool and special person. I'm happy to have you in my circle :} I think you should pick up that fantasy storing again. And #48, I know what you mean...their heart has just had an absence of love...we are all human and it takes many of us down different roads...but we are all connected.

Likewise :o

Awesome :D


# 54 needs working on..... and do you know there is a woman that has your condition of loss of hair that is on EP....

No...not really not that they tried reaching out or anything...I looked for them before but no one was around so I gave up searching :/

I will ask her nicely when I see her next.... thats all I can do though

Thank you but when I last spoke to her...she wasn't VERY communicative, some people can't be helped.

Can you put your face on EP........ Don't be so quick too talk too people..unless you see something else that causes you to step back

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Thank you for who you are and what you do for people everyday ;)

No problem! *fist pumps*

You are my friend, I love you brother

It is mutual :)

There are not many people I would believe if they claimed what you do here,but you are very different from anyone Ive met onlne,with shades of madhatter.And thats the biggest complment I could pay anyone.

Wow that is a sublimity...o.o thank you...

i know your going to get your CCVG and be great in that field its your greatest passion in art and i wish you the best in it

I hope so XD Thank you!

Sorry about the last one Lush! Uhm, no pity, just ...I know what that can be like... so... just keep doing what you'r doing! I love geeks!!

Yeah...haha thats cool! ^_^

and that's why i feel an immense pleasure to be YOUR friend...

The feeling is mutual! :D

You are too amazing lushy so wonderful :)

Lol thank you...


I am soooo shocked to read that you don't have a crowd of friends off of EP. You have the sweetest personality.....people on here are drawn to you. I just assumed it was the same offline. Wow!

Lol yup :P life is like that. :/

If you ever get down south...find me...I'll be your offline friend...we can share a peanutbutter and jelly sandwhich =)


were learning about you every day!

hehe a book full of chapters page by page :P take your time there's no rush ^_^

i will have to read it a couple more times yet to take it all in............ wow.................your just a splendid guy