Ummm For 'disgusting' Food

I guess the most disgusting things I eat according to others are beef and chicken liver with ketchup, sushi, spam... umm can't think of much more that may be considered gross.  Once ate a chocolate cricket, a groundhog, and frog legs.  Didn't care much for either.

haydenrules haydenrules
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4 Responses Feb 9, 2009

I've never had mud bugs before, but they don't look like they have much meat on them to be worth it. <br />
Puck, I'd be willing to try the brains...taste like chicken? But, you can keep those pickled feet. ugh. And I'm sorry you can't eat sushi no more. It's my fave food, so I really feel for you there!

I know, I love em!...but when you think about what they eat.

Frog leg's is about the craziest thing I ever eaten. Puck you said mud bug's, man that is some good eaten right there my friend.

Sushi and sashimi. (Dr. says I can't eat it anymore)<br />
pickled pigs feet, calf brains, raw oysters (another no no) ...Mud bugs (crawfish) thats about it