I Am Waiting!

This ought to be interesting, but I can take anything today!

carriewpd carriewpd
26-30, F
8 Responses Feb 24, 2010

to see your ****, ***, and *****!

Carrie passed away earlier this year. If you have any decency you'll delete your disrespectful comment.

I would also like to get to know you, your experiences are very interesting

You are kind, caring, loving, sweet, intelligent, warm, funny, interesting, insightful, lovable, cuddly, wise, .... sigh! I just love you, what can I say.....

aaawww, thanks everyone {{hug}}

i like it that you exist, it does wonders for this world.

Your avatar demonstrates a well used martial arts self defense technique!

When I know you better I'm sure I'll appreciate your lovely nature even more. You are a breath of fresh air.

you're amazingly sweet and lovely and a wonderful strong person to know