i like my blue eyes. i like the way i treat my loved ones. i like how hard i try to always be there and help friends in need. i like my tattoo. hmmm......i like my boobage area, haha. most days i like the fact that i feel everything so deeply (i'm an emotional human being), but some days it really sucks. i think thats it :/ not sure.
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1 Response Jul 31, 2012

i also like my blue eyes/i like the way i seem to be aging the older i get the more i really enjoy things more maybe cause im taking my sweet time now no reason to be in a hurry/i like what god gave me in my pants thank u god/i like treating people all people the way i want to be treated/i like to make sure i have a smile on my face/i like to be in a great mood its so much more fun than being mad all the time