I Have a Few Things...

I actually like a lot of stuff about myself, namely being a really creative and imaginative person, and being an open-minded and sociable type of person. I can lead, but only in a small group. I'm also a good listener.

However, I have this really bad inferiority complex sort-of thing. As in, when I feel pathetic, I really feel pathetic It usually happens whenever I start to think I'm really good in something, then I look around and see that someone else can do better (like having better ideas, etc.) DDD:

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13-15, F
3 Responses Feb 11, 2009

when i look in the mirror i like my inner self- i am sweet, kind, caring and giving too!

Thanks for the gesture,<br />
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I can't message you or gesture you back, I am blocked! so I thank you here. And good evening to you too.

It is because you are really young, when you grow older you'll learn that there is always someone who can do things better.<br />
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There is no absolute, because we are human. If there were, we would never learn or get better or even try!<br />
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Best of luck.