I Like This, This and This

I have a love hate relationship with myself, but Im in a good mood today, so Im having a love day.

I like a lot of things about myself, not necessarily good traits, but still, things that I appreciate about me.

I like how I care. Even when it's hard to, I still do.

I like how I am a good teacher, and try to get the kids to reach their potential, if not further.

I like how I find it really hard to hate someone. There really is no need.

I like how I stand for what I believe in, and yet am still open to others views.

I like how I am part of two cultures, and go from one to the other or use them at the same time.

I like how I come from a family that stands by each other, no matter what.

I like how I am not a specific type of person and not stereotyped.

I like how I have grown within the last few years.

I like my friends.

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Feb 11, 2009