Not-So Simple

I would like a nice career I can leave and return to as my life changes; I'd like to have a family with a man who is a great friend and a good provider so I can stay home with my kids their first few years. I'd like to have enough money to travel the world with any earned vacation time, take care of my mom when she is elderly, and provide well enough for my kids that I can give them things I found difficult to obtain at a young age (vehicle, education, travel opportunity). I don't need anything fancy; I'm happy living with small means. I just want a loving family and the qualifications to provide well for my family should I need to do so on my own. And good health!!

Maybe I'm naive; but I prefer the term 'determined'. 

mefirstGIMME mefirstGIMME
22-25, F
Nov 2, 2008