Interpersonal:  Love, Companionship, True Friendship

Mental:  Knowledge, Discipline, Recognition, Satisfaction

Career: Opportunity, Involvement in Astronomy

General:  Make a Difference, Contribute to the world in some way, never lose appreciation for what truly matters

WoundedButterfly WoundedButterfly
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4 Responses Feb 26, 2009

Yes. It also reflects the fractal nature of mankind.

That is the fascinating thing about this group. They are so similar with the little oddity throw in.

Hehehe. I am sure this list will grow and change as I expand my horizons. <br />
<br />
I think its rather interesting: many people seem to want the same general things in life, some of which I've mentioned. Gotta wonder if these lists tell more about us as a society rather than us as individuals.

Your list is a lot more comprehensive than mine. It's very good. I was just not being so specific. My list is like yours if you just replace "astronomy" with "music".