What I Want

I want to feel appreciated.  As egotistical as that may sound, it gets tiring for me to be there for family without getting a "thank you" for it all.  I mean, I'm not helping people out for the sole purpose of being recognized for my actions.  I do it because I want to and because I enjoy helping people.  It's just that they never show that they appreciate me.  And that is getting really old. 

Another thing is, I want to feel secure.  There's just a lot of things going on right now that are filled with too much uncertainty, and it's pretty depressing.  I want to work to get to a point in life where I know I'm secure, and safe too. 

Oh, and I want to be loved.  I know I am, by some people at least :P  And I hope to keep it that way.  

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26-30, F
3 Responses Feb 28, 2009

i think everyone wants to be loved maybe even most of all but appreciated feels good to!

Care,love and happiness*

I definitely love myself. I just like feeling loved by my loved ones too :P