Tell Me Which One You Think It Is

For each set of words below 4 of the words relate to each other but 1 isnt tell me which one doesnt belong:

(1) narrow, oval, heart-shaped,rectangle,square

(2) carving,sculpture,molding,shaping,casting

(3) brushes,tweezers,sponges,powders,razors

(4) lips,eyelashes,face,cheeks,eyebrows

(5) foundation,mascara,blush,lipstick,eyeliner

(6) slip latex,poly foam,silicone,alginate,foam latex


if you could help me here as i have answered the questions already but want to make sure they are right as i need to answer these right for a questionarre for my makeup academy to be approved for acceptance i hope you can all help me here i appreciate the help





america1008 america1008
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3 Responses Feb 12, 2009

to be honest i have no idea on that one at all i thought mayb foundation being the base makeup and the rest being the main makeup to put on not sure on that one

thank you and i will let you know soon what the right ones were appreciate you helping

i don't know if i am right but here goes <br />
1.........narrow<br />
2.........sculpture<br />
3..........powders.<br />
4.........face<br />
5.........lipstick<br />