There Are So Many Angels Here On Ep

We have sad Angels....

We have sexy Angels...

and we have Happy Angels...

and of course we have guardian angels....

Everyone has some "Angel like parts" inside of them. We are all Angels, we Love, we care, we help others, we just do what we feel we must do, and with that.

We are ALL a family....A Family of Angels!

I could list all the Angels of EP, but I'd be here all night, and I'd still miss over 100 Angels, so yes I'm cheating, but I believe we are ALL Angels!

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6 Responses Jul 30, 2010

great post.

And like others have said we have u . Best angel- kind sweet caring loving and there for anyone that is having a hard time. Ik u are going through alot don't be afraid to reach for help ."lends hand "

demetrie...thank you. You sound like an actual angel.<br />
Aly sound like an allycat.

um...are you fuggin serious? How rude!

but if we are all angels, then why are so many of us sad?????? It makes no sense.......some of us MUST be evil or there would be no pain....maybe this is a stupid point to make.... (im probably overthinking it)....<br />
I'm just saying that we should all watch out because angels are dying....

lollygaggle look his rite in everybody there is an angle but don't say that angels are dying cus whether you like it you have an angel in you. some poeple just won't give there angel a chance to show itself and yes it will be nice to feel no pain.

but what will a world be without emotions because pain is one.

^_^ This made me smile.