Here I Am, Do It...

My hubby got this bright idea that we should have a super ultra modern satelite system. The old one works fine even though we live in the middle of nowhere but he's big in the electronics industry and knows best, even though he's rarely here to watch the thousands of channels.
So...he made arrangements for a company (not one of his many) to come out and update everything. The truck pulled in mid morning on Tuesday. The tech came to the door, introduced himself, showed an ID and entered the house and followed me to the family room. He wasn't Brad or George (I'm not a Victoria's Secret runnerup) but was kinda cute, about 30, wavy hair, wore glasses, studious type. He was wearing jeans, not too tight, but looked good. Short sleeve shirt with his first name and logo, work boots, completed his dress. Again, plain, but nice. I was wearing old baggie jeans, a pull over sweatshirt, tennies, real fashion plate. I listened to a monalogue from him describing our present system and what he will replace. I interupted him and asked, "Are you married?" He stopped his tekkie talk and answered "Yes...for 5 years now." "Children?" He answered "two girls...4 and 2"
He finished his tech talk and went to work behind the pile of stuff called "equipment". I settled down on the couch across from where he was and picked up where I left off in my paperback book, an adventure romance farce written by someone who had never been there.
A half hour or so passed and I couldn't help but look him over as he lay stretched out among the mass of cables...laying on his side, one leg extended out...a slight bulge in the front of his jeans...his hands, large and strong, gently caressing and sorting each cable wire,his cute ***, his scholarly look behind his glasses (I wear them too)...Now I was a little confused. I was horny. My hubby and I had our bi-weekly sex last Friday night and that should take care of me right? Wrong! I could feel the dampness in my panties as the first ****** came alive in me.I wanted those big, strong hand to touch me, everywhere, all over my body. "Stop this" I told myself
I stretched out on the couch reading or trying to, my book, was getting sleepy, and dozed off...
I woke up and he was sitting on the edge of the couch beside me. I sat up and he reached over and pulled my sweatshirt over my head and threw it on the floor. He unfastened my bra, removed his glasses putting them on the end table and immediately took my breast in his mouth, licking, sucking, my nipples so hard, so erect'
I whispered "No, please...we can't..."
He gently laid me down and unfastened my jeans, pulling them and my panties down and off. I laid there helpless, yet not resisting. He unzipped his jeans and pulled out his beautiful, massive, swollen ****. He straddled me on the couch, his manhood between my small breasts. He reached down with his strong hand and circled my throat, I leaned my head over the edge of the couch yielding, extending my throat to him. He held my throat gently and moved upward over my face, lifted my head and his throbbing **** entered my mouth, my lips closed around it. God, its so hot, so big. He held my throat and eased his **** further into my mouth, I licked the beautiful shaft, suck the soft head, it slid deeper into my throat, this can't be tastes so good...I was so wet, ****** after ******, many explosions inside me.
Suddenly, he withdrew his **** from my throat, released my throat from his hand, slid downward on my body. His strong hand lifted my left leg and placed it over his shouder. Oh God, I knew, I hped for what was next...
His magnificent manhood entered me, slowly, inch by inch..."Its so hot...oh God..." I screamed. He looked down at me and grinned. His **** moving in time with my hips, penetrating me, so deep for many minutes...I am so wet...suddenly I felt a massive buildup inside me coming to the surface. I felt his **** swelling beyond belief.
Suddenly we erupted together...two volcanos in unison. "Oh...oh.." he cried out, our bodies trembling together,his sweet, hot cream flowing upward inside me.
Then suddenly we lay still...he on top of me. Both of us exhausted. I closed my wish came true...he touched me for sure.
I hear a voice...I'm asleep...somebody calling me.
"Maam?" Its the technician across the room. I sit up quickly, I'm fully dressed...I look at the clock on the wall, over 2 hours have passed. "what happened?" I ask myself
He spoke again " I've got to replace these splitters...somebody used gold ones and this isn't correct."
"Uh, OK" I answer
I'll come back in the morning and finish up, shouldn't take over 15-20 minutes."
He rolled up his tool packed and started to the door. I start to stand up. "Thats OK, don't get up I can find my way out...have a nice day."
He walked through the room to the living room and went out the door. I heard his truck start and he drove away.
I'm glad I didn't stand up, my love juices have left me so wet.
I thought to myself "I wanted him to touch me so badly that I dreamed it. One hell of a dream. He'll be back tomorrow to finish up. I'll keep busy for sure."
I stand up and look around the room. Something isn't right. I see it now. His glasses are on the end table at the end of the couch
"Oh my God..."

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2 Responses May 10, 2012

Wow - what a fantastic story - wish i had dreams like that

Mmm, I'm looking forward to the next chapter tomorrow! I wonder if you'll wake up late and have to open the door in just your robe?