My Wife Is Finally Going To Use A Sybian.

We had discussed my wife,(see her pics, very sexy) getting a Sybian. They are just too expensive! I asked her if I found someone that had one if she would use it, she said yes. Well I posted an ad on Craigslist and immediately got responses. I found a divorced male that has one, and this week we are going to his house so she can use it. I can't wait to see her have an explosive ****** in front of a complete stranger. I'm getting hard just thinking about it. I'll keep you posted!
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What an incredible sight this must have been! Hope you've found an opportunity to meet up with them again, and would love to hear about it!!

Well the divorced male was a fake!! But I kept my faith in craigslist and found a married couple. We went to their house for a BBQ and drinks. After a dip in the hot tub and more drinks. They brought the Sybian into the living room and set it up for my wife. She was very nervous and it took her some coaxing to get on. At first she kept her clothes on, but after a few minutes she started grinding her ***** onto the Sybian as her first ****** came, the wife of the couple then started sucking my wife's **** and that brought on her second ******. This also sparked my wifes first lesbian experience and she loved licking and sucking her new girlfriends *****! Can't wait til we meet with them again!

I once attended a hotel takeover where one was set up in the room and there was a long line of ladies waiting to take their turn on and the ones that I saw riding it really seem to be enjoying themselves. I would love to be your friend here.

It's supposed to happen tonite! I cannt wait.

I would like to know about this.

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