Wicked memory my oppressor , my jailer , keys a-jangle in the failing light as fingers of night release their hold , the orb of light and warmth descending over the horizon.  Remember how we smiled? How the shared mirth between friends held sway over the growing darkness of misery soon to come? Death had yet to make it's presence felt , yet was standing in the wings , it's stage whisper heard distinctly , waiting , friendless.

Had we the time , to retire to reverie? Bottled , condensed , gem-like , before the end? Distilled love , to salve any tears , scarred hearts beneath the smiles , welling in eyes too tired to cry another drop. Standing at the brink , my friend , we see each other across the chasm of time , the reach far away , yet seen so near , as we walk to the door , one to pass , the other to remain.


sassylassie sassylassie
31-35, F
Mar 16, 2010