The Fall

Bittersweet , the terrain of my heart , mapped so long ago , the intrepid traveller needing no key , open as was the doorway. This beating , ceaseless , despite protestations raised , hammering in the silence , the tattoo barely noticed by my deafened ears. To feel the keen edge of this love , the sting of it's caress , slicing me , disembowelling my spirit , cleaving my body like nothing felt before. 

The soles of my feet bleeding , as I ran from the chasing dogs of amor , their howls of rage in tandem with the triphammering heart in my chest. My fall , long , whistling wind passing , like eons , the pennant of my descent shredded and flailing. Break-neck speeds of light as the earth's fast approach became imminent. Bone breaking , shattered , the smell of blood filled my nostrils ; Love , not soft. 


sassylassie sassylassie
31-35, F
Mar 16, 2010