Death By Marriage


"I want to die in my sleep," he sighed.  "You will," she replied smiling smugly.

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It will be the best way to go. Not knowing anything.

Aaaah love! Kudos to you for this one!

I can feel the love.

OMG SO LOVED THIS!! made me think of me~~~ lol

Haha, love that! So mysterious, it's great :)


this has got to be one of the best :)

Really good and funny... that's the way I want to 'go' ;) lol

This scared me O.o


Lol XD it's okay :P

I am scared and turned on at the same time.



Fabulosity. this.
There are many people out there, that should be sleeping with one eye open....

I still would marry you

hmmm...can't seem to get to sleep now.

(Evil laugh)

"You will." Muahahaha!

On a phone so hard to change typos etc

Oh I don't think you made a typo. I just have a period after the statement in quotations because I've taken it out of context as a quote.

Lol but it really should have an exclamation the way I meant it.

ooh scary ... :)

Not quite as delicious as Death by Chocolate, but every bit as true!



I love it


I love it..another strong wicked chick story. lol