Death By Marriage


"I want to die in my sleep," he sighed.  "You will," she replied smiling smugly.

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It will be the best way to go. Not knowing anything.

Aaaah love! Kudos to you for this one!

I can feel the love.

OMG SO LOVED THIS!! made me think of me~~~ lol

Haha, love that! So mysterious, it's great :)


this has got to be one of the best :)

Really good and funny... that's the way I want to 'go' ;) lol

This scared me O.o


Lol XD it's okay :P

I am scared and turned on at the same time.


Very funny story! I've contemplated this as my husband snores beside me keeping me awake.



Fabulosity. this.
There are many people out there, that should be sleeping with one eye open....

I still would marry you

hmmm...can't seem to get to sleep now.

(Evil laugh)

"You will." Muahahaha!

On a phone so hard to change typos etc

Oh I don't think you made a typo. I just have a period after the statement in quotations because I've taken it out of context as a quote.

Lol but it really should have an exclamation the way I meant it.

ooh scary ... :)

Not quite as delicious as Death by Chocolate, but every bit as true!



Nice. The perfect marriage, a spouse who listens to what her husband wants, and fulfills that want. :-) :-)

Creepy, FG. Feeling like murder? ;-)

I love it

Dark humor or did we all just become witnesses? boo. :)


I love it..another strong wicked chick story. lol