The Wedding Date Is Set!


"Do you dream of me?" I asked holding his hand. "I do," he replied smiling.

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18 Responses May 8, 2010

very good reply.

Glad you liked this.

Nice!!, Good luck!!


I will post a video for the entire world to see.

invite me, to see what happen when dreams comes true.....

I love these little short stories about your relationship. They really say a lot about you guys and they're very sweet.


What the feeling of excitement and nerves.....

Thanks sweetie.

Must be. Best of luck to both of you *hugs* :)

It is an amazing feeling to know that he is constantly thinking of me.


Oh yes, I am very happy and I am truly and honestly loved by a true, honest, moral man with integrity.

Still. I'm glad that things have turned around for you since then. Not for this story specifically, but in general your posts are much happier and i like it.

Thanks sweetie. It has been almost one year! Oh and that is just the title of the story.

Yeah, but more than the 15 words, i liked the subject of the story.<br />
Remember last year? I'm so happy things are going so great for you now. All the very best. *hugs* :)

Glad you liked it. 15 word stories are harder than 10 word, much more challenging.