Eyes That Watch

I wish I was a fly on your wall so I could see your secrets.

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8 Responses May 8, 2010

Seriously, you don't wanna know my secrets... ;) LOL

If you saw my secrets then they wouldn't mine anymore.
So would you keep them?

Reminds me of fly drones. I am not especially paranoid, but also not naive to the reality of incredible advanced technology...is it a fly, or a spy?

Ok, er, by the way, I have a cat. Very playful.

yikes! have any of scientist at your country made that superfly? don't export them to my country, got a lot enough over here, you name it: green, fruit, flyover etc.! LOL

I wouldn't be just an ordinary fly, but SUPERFLY!<br />
-Able to withstand swats from the thickest of rolled newspapers. even the LA Times!

a fly could be hit with some rolled newspaper, so wanna try becoming a hairbug? hehe

hehe quite telling :)